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  • Weyspurs Weyspurs Jan 19, 2009 18:42 Flag

    Not just any.....

    A crocked Brazilian Goalkeeper who cant kick

    A gutsy centre half prone to injury

    A mid field with little punch no vision run by a midget.

    A forward who cant score

    This is not any tottenham this is an awful tottenham

    COYS we will survive.

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    • Not blonde, I totally agree about Huddlestone. Especially with Defoe back. Hudds just the man to help feed Defoe, pinpoint distribution.
      Unfortunately as far as Jenas is concerned I want to see someone with more balls than he's got. We need to fight our way up the table and I'm afraid the likes of him, Bale and Bent are not cutting the mustard. Bench 'em.

    • On the keepers check this out... http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/18012009/1/harry-expects-city-ruin-bell-bid.html - in particular "If I had confidence in the Spanish goalkeeper, I would have played him."

      Which means we've got a bit of a problem - Gomes isn't fully fit and we should be able to let him go for a game or two to sort out his fitness, but Harry seems to think we can't.

      I agree Weyspurs, it's time Hudd got another go - he can be up and down but he's been doing well under Redknapp and he's someone who tends to keeps his effort levels up (even in dips of form when he's not playing well you always know he wants to be on the pitch). Him & O'Hara should make an interesting pairing in CM, they're both 'all rounders' but Hudd tends to drop back a bit and O'Hara tends to go forward a bit, hopefully between them they could create some of the movement in midfield we need.

      I know most of you don't rate JJ, but as I've said before we seem to play better as a unit when he's on the pitch, I'd like him to get a little run again soon.

    • Just to say it isn't Gomes fault that there is no cover. We all know about his shaky start but his last few performances have been much better and contained some world class saves.

      Agree about the midfield and 'fraid to say it, but Ledley should be put out to grass. He's been a great player and captain for us, but it's time to get a regular pairing. Dawson has put in some great performances and deserves a run alongside Woody.

      Oh! - and can somebody shoot Bent?

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      • Im a bit baffled by all this 'cover for Gomes' talk.........we have cover for him....Cesar and Alnwick...one is experienced and has a CL winners medal with Real Madrid....the other is young and hungry....a perfect combination...I dont think we should be wasting money and time searching for a keeper (especially if all we end up with is someone as useless as Roy Carroll).
        Lets bung our cash and energy into getting a proper midfield, a striker and maybe another centre back.......
        .'come on, come on...hurry up Harry come on'!!