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    Still no apology from uncle 'arry ?

    Make no mistake Darren Bent's fragile confidence has been shattered by uncle 'arrys derogatory "my missus could have scored that" remarks.

    What misfiring Bent needed most is words of encouragement not public slating in front of world-wide viewing audience.

    I reckon it's an OWN-GOAL by uncle 'arry.

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    • I guess it's a reflection on how we're doing in the league that Darren Bent is our top goal scorer.

      Harry says what Harry says, right or wrong. Personally I think it was a bit out of order. Bent was scoring goals for him at one point, but then got dropped because Pavlyuchenko knocked in a couple in some cup matches. Bent's form subsequently dipped...and to make matters worse we bring in a player we know for a fact he doesn't gel with on the field; Defoe. Defoe goes right into the starting line-up; now with a 2-pronged attack and who gets to warm the bench with his arse; Bent. What Harry said was probably the least of the problems to his shaky confidence (will I said before being the main reason for his dip in form).

      Oh and for the record, if he put that shoton target to the near post (where he seemed to be aiming); James had it covered. Bent's problem was he should have headed down and back across the goal (the way your taught).

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      • I don't know where this comment came from, did any of you see the footage of him saying it? I saw Redknapp's post-match interview and they asked if he felt sympathy or rage with 'the striker' and he said something along the lines of "a bit of both - as a striker it's your job to out chances like that away and it could've been the winner, but it's not like he did it on purpose and he'll be kicking himself, make no mistake about that".

        It wasn't exactly sympathetic, but it shouldn't have been, and it wasn't that harsh either.

    • You might be right or again you might not be.
      It could be this is what Bent needs.
      Obviously Harry's arm around the lad hasn't worked.
      Public humiliation could just spur him on to prove Harry and most Spurs fans wrong!!!!