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  • Layla Layla Jan 22, 2009 05:40 Flag


    what a poor perfomance. we have blown the chance of another cup final! a very poor team we have and i cant help but think that we are destined to go down.bad team spirit and mangement.

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    • Some great memories there!

      I remember Gilzean in the big poster that I had on my bedroom wall in the early seventies. It was my most prized posesssion - Coates, Chivers, Jennings, Knowles, Perryman, et al. Those were my earliest memories of supporting Spurs.

      I had to wait 'til I was 11 years old before I was deemed old enough to get two buses (the 84 and the 34 as I recall) with my older mates to go and stand in the Paxton End and I clearly remember walking up those steps that first time and seeing the pitch laid out before me!

      Later we progressed to the Shelf and spent many a match swaying around in the overcrowded stand joining in the songs and learning how to avoid having someone piss down your leg. No corporate hositality, no Chirpy the mascot, no comfy (?) plastic seats, no replays on a big screen, etc. Those were the days!

    • Yeah think you're right there. He said he used to re-direct the ball, probably really just mistimed the jump and glanced it by accident!!!
      Was brill though.

    • I remember the double team - so many great players.

      Of course, in those days we wasn't bombarded with football every day on the telly, so when you went to a match you couldn't believe how players could be so good, especially with the boots and the laced ball.

      Today, a player can stand still and still ping the ball 50 yards, they wouldn't have done that in the late fifties.

      Mind you, I'll concede they are much fitter today, have to be to keep up with the pace. Alan Gilzean used to take the field half pissed most matches.

    • Not only that Alan, the boots were heavy as lead, so was the ball when it got wet. There weren't substitutes, and if someone got an injury you played one man down. I have a picture of the team when they played at the Dynamo Stadium in Prague against Dukla-Prague in 1962 - a game they played with a layer of snow over the ground. Not sure you'd see that in today's game. Of course, those were the days when I used to walk to school every day, up hill, in the snow, no shoes, etc. etc. .... And yes - I think I'd be prepared to give up my right nut for a Mackay or Blanchflower in the team today. I love the team and the club, always will, but I would like to see a little more passion, heart and soul. But that was then. I didn't think I'd just be praying that we stay up when the season started - as someone else said, I'm not sure how I would take it if we were to be relegated - wouldn't change my allegiance, but it sure would be depressing!

    • Hi shelf-boy. Dave Mackay always says he was upset by that pic. If he saw the way the players are today with the money they get, not earn!!!, he'd be back doing it to the current squad.
      Incidentally I caught an ITV Big Match repeat the other day with Man City v Chelsea from 1979. Our on field inspiration in the double team was manager of Chelsea. I'd forgotten all about that.
      I mean the great captain of the team, Danny Blanchflower, by the way.
      COY whites, 1957/8 style chanting!!!!!! When we ran out to McNamara's Band theme. Anyone else remember those great times at the lane.
      They played great football with a lot of pride and passion!!
      Can't attribute any of that to the majority of the present squad.

    • Just a quick word O F to say that era you mentioned and the likes of Dave Mackay, Bobby Smith and the rest was wonderful, and not just Spurs.
      Guys in those days played week in week out, tackled from behind, shoulder charged keepers and must have clocked up 70 games a season. Real football.

    • Hey Born2 - I still have some programs from the early '60s - the programs cost 3d, and I remember getting into the ground for 1 shilling! I still have the program from the 1962 FA Cup Final when we beat Burnley 3-1 with goals by Bobby Smith, Jimmy Greaves, and Dany Blanchflower! (rest of the team was Cliff Jones, Terry Medwin, John White, Dave Mackay, Maurice Norman, Ron Henry, Peter Baker, and Bill Brown). We beat Manchester United 3-1 in the semi final. Back to today .... I still believe that we could beat Utd. tomorrow - I don't care who we are playing, I will always believe we can beat the opposition - even if we are on a run of playing crap and have issues with players who are not giving it their all on the field. COYS!!

    • I could not resist having my say on this subject. Spursbabe was out of order starting this thread during the game even if she/he thought away goals counted. I was as mad as Hell watching the game and seeing how bad we were playing but no matter how mad I get with the team I would not slag them off as a whole.

      Lets face facts - The team has not played well for a few games now and Arry knows that. His priority, quite rightly, is to stay in the PL and then we go and get %$£$%ing Manure in the FA Cup. Add to that a growing injury list and the CC cup to consider and it's no wonder his thoughts are to forget the FA Cup and concentrate on the PL.

      I have no problem with that and I like the fact that he tells it how it is. Rather that than somebody like Wenger who only see's what he wants to see and comes out with absolute bu!!shit all of the time.

      I believe in Arry and he will get it right. He knows Bentley is a poser and Bent can't score the goals we need and he has quite rightly told them to buck up or ship out. We want fighters at this stage not w4nkers who cry if they get ladders in their socks.


    • Add to previous message....

      Boys enclosure, had to queue for ages to ensure we got to the front. Can't remember what we paid, 2/9d I think....or was that a gallon of petrol?

    • Hi Old Fan....1960 eh...me too.

      God, where have all the years gone?

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