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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 23, 2009 00:03 Flag


    I concur Essex. It's a new rule brought in this season, I believe the place goes directly to the league.

    Here's an interesting question: who's getting into Europe this season? Let's assume the CL places go to 4 of the usual suspects and Villa, with the 5 one getting a UFA place (unless you think someone else - and the only real option is Everton - will get one), who'll be in Europe?

    Everton have somehow snuck back up there & stopped being rubbish (by which I mean they had a bad start to the season too, I'm not being disparaging in general), so they'll be odds on to get another, but will it go to the league or the cups? Will we manage? If it does go to the league I don't know who'd get it... I can't see it going to Wigan, West Ham or Fulham, but they're next in line...