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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 22, 2009 06:46 Flag

    harry says some players were sulking

    as it says at the top, players sulking cos harrys bringing in other signings, im f-ing disgusted at some of the players tonight. ohara shows grit but when he goes off then there wasnt any. why are they all lacking the fight and passion they should have to make tottenham the great team it should be.

    sack em all arry , bring in people who will fight and keep us in the premier league. cos at the mo i can only see defoe , dawson , ohara and woodgate as people i would keep . well maybe lennon too.

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    • Defoe did nothing tonight I think defoe is a great player but tonight he did nothing!!
      maybe lennon!! he is easily one of our best players this session...

      what was Harry doing starting defoe and modric up front, think Harry is as much to blame for tonight.

      Pavlyuchenko and campbell should of started and the job would have been done in the first half!!

      AND what the hell was bringing on A. Taarabt!!

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      • Except score the goal that put the game beyond doubt, so he'll do for me.

        Our main problem, ignoring the fact that all three Burnley goals were soft, was our defenders and most of the midfield just whacking the ball upfield instead off retaining possession.

        By keeping the ball you tire the opposition, keep the crowd quiet and I've been told that while you've got it they can't score. Now I know it, why the feck don't our players.

        I would also single out Zokora, who ran his socks off. Yes some of his passes go astray, his surges upfield always amount to nothing, but who's the midfielder covering back and breaking up play. I tell you, in that respect he does not get the praise he deserves.

      • the system didn't help defoe. he had little to no service so you can't expect much in return.

        At least he shows some passion, which is more than the likes of bentley, bent & bale.

        No more signing starting with 'B' I reckon!

    • Since Bentley can't play on the left (or right for that matter) and I would prefer Lennon on the right where he does most damage, it might be worth giving him a run left midfield, but I think 'arry prefers Ohara's steel and occasional goal.

      Like you say, where do you put him?

    • yeah give him a run out on the left, even this weekend against Man utd if he want to play such a miss match team!!

      which I think aloud of bullshit!! after paying for flights over and a £40 ticket to watch!!

    • Funny, i agree and all the players mentioned are english. I feel that since we have added more foreign players to the side we have infact become worse. Think about how many of the spurs side were english when we just missed out on the champ league pos to the scummers a few seasons ago.

      We just seem to have lost our way, maybe its the lingo thing? I dnt know, or breaking up a winning side and system. What i do know is last nights performance was embarrassing. ...

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      • What I like about Redknap is he knows how to assemble a team for the Premiership - at Portsmouth he did well to build a good strong team with limited resources. And his statements this week reflect that. At Spurs he says that he has inherited a 'mish-mash' squad of weak players - weak in physique and weak in mind. You have to wonder who the hell has been in charge of buying such a bunch of weak misfits??

        There are no real leaders - Ledley when he plays, but I don't even see him saying much to team mates. Woodgate doesn't appear to say much to team mates and the others don't appear to communicate or encourage much.

        There's certainly no fighting leader in midfield - let's hope that Palacios can fill that role. Basically no backbone (it's been like that for years at Spurs) and I really think Redknap can change it.

        To be honest, I don't think that I could stand yet another false dawn!! COYS

    • Not surprised they are sulking, Harry hardly man manages these days............. "my Sandra could have done better" can't go down well