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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 22, 2009 16:36 Flag

    Funny how I went to the Burnley board first

    I went to congratulate them for totally outplaying us. I see Essex went and congratulated them last night and I think every Spurs fan should do the same.
    Everything Harry said is true.
    Not looking forward to Saturday. At the risk of repeating myself, I'm sick of this sh1t.

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    • Hello Big G, although I would be first to commend Burnley it certainly wasnt me who posted on their board last night. Ive had a quick look and I cant see a thread from me either!!
      I suspect its my turn to have an wretched impersonator.
      I must have upset someone..................moi?

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      • Sorry Essex, wrong county, it was Berkshire!!!!

      • Hiya Big G and Yiddo, the last 2 matches against Burnley have proved your lot are a mid-table Championship side at best, Burnley completely outplayed Spurs over two legs and unlucky not to go through on the night. I think relegation may actually do your team a world of good and sort out the malaise in your squad. Constantly searching for quick-fix solutions to hardcore problems within your side by throwing money left, right and centre to buy players won't rectify these problems. You need to learn how to walk unaided before you run. Your superior up the Seven Sisters Road have shown time and time again that money won't buy you points, time to view relegation with open arms. It is probably hard to fathom for some Yiddies but relegation will be the best thing to ever happen to your lot to get rid of the deadwood /high earners such as Bent, Hilarious Gomes and other Journey Average within your side.