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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 22, 2009 20:47 Flag

    How does this team grab you?

    Hutton -Woodgate-Dawson-Corluka
    O’Hara -Jenas-Lennon

    Subs/other options: Modric? Assou-Ekkotu?

    And, I hear you ask, why have I picked this slightly ramshackle group of players? Because that's our injury list off the top of my head. Balls.

    Feel free to add substitutes or mess with the formation as you remember them.

    Really busy today, but I want to post about last night at some point, I'm furious about it.

    What do they have in common?

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    • That looks like a pretty decent team if they were all fit! At the time the players that were signed in the Ramos era looked promising (Rocha, Boateng and Gilberto withstanding...and who could forget the Kaboul!) but in hindsight if you look at Woody's injury history it didn't seem to make sense when we already had one centre back that was plagued with injuries. (Then he scored the winner in the cup and all was forgiven!) Lennon has been out for long periods all through his Spurs career, Jenas has recurring problems, Hutton has been unlucky and so on.....It makes you wonder whether there's a problem with the training facilities (Pitch too hard or something) or whether the gods have conspired against our beloved Spurs this season.

      Last night was a low point in a season that has me filling the bath and reaching for the razor blades already. For a team with the history and aspirations that Tottenham should have I feel that even if we have all the injuries you have listed, we should still be able to beat Burnley away with our second string of players but the sad fact that last night proved is that we evidently don't even have a second string!

      I am new to this forum and I have never vented my frustrations to fellow Spurs fans...it felt good to get it all out!