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  • Paul Paul Jan 23, 2009 05:33 Flag

    What's the betting

    Harry fields a weakened team this weekend consisting of reserve team / fringe players and we beat United?

    Harry's already implied the cup has been written off this season, hence they'll be playing without any pressure and they all should have a little something to prove.

    It's a funny old game?!

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    • 9/1 so obivously the bookies think its highly unlikely.
      i think both sides will rest any players who arent 100%. i reckon it will be a tight game but man utd getting there usually slice of luck against us to win. i hope he plays gio because he can be creative which we are lacking lately.my team
      ainwick(last chance saloon)
      gunter rocha dawson ekotto
      gio zakora huddlestone bale
      bent pavy

      woodgate needs a rest

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      • Whats up with you spursbabe firstly youre having a go for us not getting to the carling final.

        And now youre putting Alnwick in the last chance saloon,after he has only just made his debut.We all know its going to be a weakened spurs team facing manure,so if we lose badly will it all be the goalies fault?.Fair enough he didnt have the greatest of games but he came into the team at short notice having never played behind that spurs defence.Give the lad a break,he cant be all that bad as he has played for the England u21 team.

    • you can see it now can't you...........................2:1, and yet more fixture pile up! ;-)

      wonder what odds the bookies would give for us to win cc, fa, and uefa cup, and get relegated? now there is a thought! ;-)

    • ...also have you noticed that if a player has never scored a goal in his life, or never scored in the prem or never scored in the cup....they score against us?

      As soon as the commentator said Nugent hadn't scored in the prem you could guarantee that he would score against us.

      So, if you're a betting person - as soon as the MU squad is announced - get your stats out - check goalscoring (or lack of records) and stick a grand on anyone who has:
      1) Never scored in the FA cup
      2) Never scored

      Odds on, that even if we lose, you'll come away a happy person with a few grand tucked in your back pocket...;-)

    • How am i avoiding the issue? Gomes wont be sold,you said it youreself gomes is young for a keeper,but Alnwick is 5 years younger so maybe he will be spurs first choice keeper when gomes leaves.You said alnwick shouldnt be giving another chance,because he made two mistakes,so who should play then.Did he not have a better game last night? and if he didnt play you would of just wrote him off as crap.Have you ever seen alnwick play, he may well be going through a bad spell,but had to play because Gomes was injured and we have no other goalie,so how are you supporting alnwick.
      You should support whose wearing the spurs shirt,because at the moment though injuries these players are the best we got,but no lets start booing those that dont perform.

      How many chances has taarabt had since he has been at spurs,where as even though ronaldo was playing crap,fergie still put him in the team,and it paid off for manure.

      And how can you say berbatov is overated,fair enough i dont like him as a person but you cant deny his skill.

      What i will do just for you after the stoke match,i will come on here and rip in to any spurs player that doesnt perform..of course that is only if we lose,

      Do you actually ever watch spurs live?

    • i go to about 25 spurs matches a season actually.
      u avoiding the issue again because u not thinking things thru. il explain again but im sure u wil respond without answering my statement,here goes-
      u are sayin ainwick will replace gomes when he leaves spurs but u also say gomes is a good keeper and he should be here for a long time as he is still young.
      but what im sayin is that if gomes does stay here for a long time which i hope he does, then do u really think ainwick wil be happy to sit on the bench for the next 5+ yrs.
      your statement is supporting both keepers which is fine but there can only be 1 number 1.and if ainwick is going to be really good than he will be even less happy to sit on the bench for 5+ yrs.
      i want ainwick and all our players to do well.iv never booed a player and never wil. but im entitled to give my opinion which includes being criticle.
      for example, i wouldnt have booed eboue like the arsenal fans did,i would have clapped and cheered him on but if i think he was playing bad,then afterwards i would voice this to follow fans.
      u are being very narrow minded and makin everything black and white and simplifying everything.
      u can support the players and be criticle too.
      its not like ainwick is going to care what i think or come on the message board.when im there at the games i cheer him on.
      i never once said ainwick is not good enough. all i was pointing out is that being a number2 u are lucky to get 5games a season, so every chance u get u have got to take.
      i just thought he had a poor game at burnley and that he didnt take his chance.
      and u still avoided the issue about tarabt, if u read my reply i was sayin that just because ronaldo did bad when he first come here then it dont mean every player who performs bad will turn out to be like ronaldo.instead of answering that u just compared him to ronaldo again. plz dont join a debating team, the chair person would be continually telling u that u are not answering the questing but merly makin ur same point over and over again. i look foward to u replying by telling me ronaldo wasnt very good when he first came to england.yawn

    • ps.if u actually read what i put,i never said ainwick was crap or that he shouldnt play against man utd. if u actually read my post u will see i put himn on my team line up before the game!
      its hard to have a debate with u,u dont read what i write, and say things that i never said and then u dont answer my point.
      are u 15 or something.

    • Right i will try again.
      Originally you said Alnwick made 2 mistakes,anymore and he shouldnt be used again.The point i was trying to make was why give up on him it was his first match,Gomes has made more mistakes this season.If Gomes is injured again this season who do we play instead.I didnt say Alnwick should be our first choice.

      Im sorry to keep bringing Ronaldo into this, but its a fact he was crap when he first played for united.
      I see a lot of that in Taarabt.Maybe if he was put out on loan,or if we were in a better posistion in the league he should be giving a run in the team.Rather than try to impress or the time,maybe he could learn when to play the simple ball.
      Do you remember when he came on against west ham a couple of seasons ago and helped change the game.
      But you seem to think he is crap.Even though he has played at 3 different age levels for the french.He must have some qualities all of the coaches cant be wrong can they.
      And then you say Berbatov is overated.Well perhaps you should tell that to Fergie the most successful manager in the history of the game.
      And as for my debating skills,ive pointed out facts to you and answered youre questions.Where as you cant seem to reply to mine.And answering with stupid scenarios ie youre brother and his football skills,being as good as Ronaldo.....

      Why dont you come and join the official spurs forum,we could do with a laugh.

    • i never said i think ainwick shud be out the team,i said its his last chance saloon in terms of number 2 goalies only get the odd game to impress. and i think the fact we have signed cudicini adds to my point. he is probably 3rd choice keeper now.so i doubt he will get mancy chances now. so those 2 matches he played he had to perform well or else more then likely he wont get another chance. i never siad i think thats the way it should be,i even stated that i thinks its harsh on ainwick.

      lets just agree we both view tarabt differently, i dont rate him,u do.theres nothing wrong in us disagreeing. i guess we will see how he turns out.

      also most of your points are very one sided because u state about him representing franch at 3 diff age levels but u dont also state that a high percentage of youth internationals never represent there country at full level.

      the same can be said about berbatov,u say ferguson thinks hes great so he must be. but thats one sided again, u dont mention players he signed who didnt perform like taibi or kleberson. or even veron. im not sayin veron was a good player but he didnt perform well in england so ferguson got that wrong 2.

      lets agree to disagree, i think berbatov is a good player but not great and not paticularly young. i work at old trafford a lot and many man utd fans dont like berbatov and much prefer rooney and tevez upfront.

      ok il come on the spurs board so u guys can have a laugh at me for thinking berbatov was over rated and over priced, and for me saying ainwick will only get a few games to impress, and for me poiting out that i think tarabt wont amount to anything.
      hilarious, what a great sense of humour u guys have.
      u guys really no how to have fun.

    • Hi spursbabe....i think harry was always going to buy another experencied goalie,youve only got to look at the average age of the pompey team.And although i rate our young players,i dont think they should be used in a relegation battle.
      I do take youre point on taarabt,that yes he could fail,but if he doesnt make it at spurs he will make it somewhere.Do you ever watch the reserves play,because maybe you would change youre view of him,as he really does catch youre eye.
      And on Berbatov being overated,sure fergie bought some bad ones,but in over 20 years there havent been many.And also in Berbatov he has an established premiership player.
      The comment about most mancs prefering tevez surprises me,im sure when they have seen him for the whole season they will think differently.I bet Robbie Keane is wishing he was still playing next to him.
      I apologize to you if i seem to of been on a rant at you.
      But if you look through most of youre posts you seem to be having a go at either the team or the players.Maybe players dont read these comments,but fans do,and it doesnt take long for somebodys thoughts to spread,if you know what i mean!
      I also spotted one of youre comments on Zokora.......
      We agree on something i rate him to,but it looks like Palacious is gonna take his place.Respect Rob