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  • Still can't help wondering wtf we didn't buy Bullard. Only £5m what a steal for some more steel in our midfield. He's got brains as well as brawn, good shot and deadball taker.
    Ahem, we seem to have lost our deadball specialist, Gareth Bale and David Bentley.
    Hunt's no longer an option for the left midfield either, another £5m to Wigan. I really hope Palacios is worth the £14m we paid!!!
    Could of had them both and a decent LB for £14m.

    • I've been telling the guys from Hull to stick behind Phil Brown for a while now, longtime. He's from my area in the woods up north and with him what you see is what you get.
      The signing of Bullard by him was just further proof that's he's maturing well in management for me. And you're right, he's just what Spurs need right now.