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    What happened in 1989?

    1. Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida's electric chair
    2. The last Soviet Union armoured column leaves Afghanistan
    3. Twelve European Community nations agree to ban the production of all CFCs
    4. Soviet submarine sinks off the coast of Norway after a fire. 42 sailors die.
    5. Iran-Contra Affair: Former White House aide Oliver North is convicted of three crimes
    6. The Chinese authorities massacre Tiananmen Square student protesters
    7. The movie Batman is released in the United States.
    8. Largest anti-Apartheid march in South Africa, led by Desmond Tutu.
    9. Nicolae Ceauescu, former communist dictator of Romania, and his wife Elena are condemned to death.
    10. Spuds win at Old Trafford for the last time!

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    • Was this the year you were conceived

      Must be funny calling youre brother and sister ..mum and dad

    • There could of course be another, even more scary, explanation. Charlie might be a site manager AND a lying buffoon at the same time!! Would you buy a house on any site which has had this bloke in charge? Didn't think so.....

    • I gotta ask the question.......if charliegeorge is so well off with so much time on his hands AND he is in his 40's...why does he spend all that free time in here trying to sound clever? Surely most blokes in his position would have birds and booze and umpteen other distractions...No?
      Hmm I reckon his long lunch breaks are down to the original theory........flipping burgers in Maccas....their lunch breaks start at 10.30 and finish about 6 dont they?
      So charlie whats the answer....your either lying or your a plank....which is it? My moneys on both.

    • a history lesson from an obvious fool!

      hello, look at my title, i live in berlin, i've visited all the historical sites and read all the information i can find on the subject, so wikipedia is american based, who cares, thing is it's stating the facts here, now please stop trying to make yourself look smart, it's not working, but you're intent on kidding yourself, ;-)

      thought you were out to lunch? eating in the burger bar are you today? nothing like combining work with pleasure is there charlie? lol, and that's exactly what you are, a proper charlie! ;-)

    • I wont waste time arguing about burgers. suffice to say you wouldnt mind earning half of what I did in the last five years thanks to Kraut house engineering. and I hardly broke sweat doing it
      which is why I get to take two or three hour lunch breaks a couple of times a week. you can only dream of the life. so enjoy your cabbage soup

    • Wikipedia is an american launched and publically edited website. you will rarely find anything on there that doesnt fall into line with the american way of thinking. if you want to find out the truth about the wall from the soviet side then you need to look deeper than a lightweight site like Wikipedia. it was built as a monument to the division of germany by the soviets. they had the view that Germany should never again be united. reasonable thinking considering how many tens of millions they lost fighting the Krauts
      I have worked with many germans who believe that the country should never have been reunited. ask any left wing thinking german and he will tell you the same. the right wingers in the country would love ultimate power again they still have designs for Europe
      so go back and research earlier soviet views in the 1940's regarding the reunification of germany. there you will find the reason for building the symbolic wall

    • good try, better luck next time, got to get back to your burgers? ;-)

    • lol, site manager? you don't know you're as5e from you're elbow! that's the funniest thing i've heard in a long time, really it is,bet you go down a real storm at parties, pmsl here ;-)

    • Anyway would love to chat with you all day Kraut but I have to take a long lunch today. might be two or three hours so probably wont be back to chat with you again
      enjoy your stale Leberwurst in Pumpernickel sandwich washed down with a dishwater like Apfelwein
      yeah you got it. lived over there for a year back in 2004 and loved the place but the people were a bit on the dim side and the women were as rough as toads

    • good try, e for effort!

      now read the facts, try to open that poisoned little cavern that you so laughingly call your brain! ;-)


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