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  • Claret! Claret! Jan 25, 2009 02:08 Flag

    What happened in 1989?

    1. Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida's electric chair
    2. The last Soviet Union armoured column leaves Afghanistan
    3. Twelve European Community nations agree to ban the production of all CFCs
    4. Soviet submarine sinks off the coast of Norway after a fire. 42 sailors die.
    5. Iran-Contra Affair: Former White House aide Oliver North is convicted of three crimes
    6. The Chinese authorities massacre Tiananmen Square student protesters
    7. The movie Batman is released in the United States.
    8. Largest anti-Apartheid march in South Africa, led by Desmond Tutu.
    9. Nicolae Ceauescu, former communist dictator of Romania, and his wife Elena are condemned to death.
    10. Spuds win at Old Trafford for the last time!

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    • Thanks for the history lesson. For you to look all that up on the internet must have taken some time! You really do deserve credit for it!

      Well done! Top Marks! 10 out of 10! Teachers Pet!

      Don't forget to leave an apple for your teacher - she really will appreciate you!

    • Also I signed a 5 year global album deal worth 850,000k.

      Signing off..............................................(still seeing the pennies role in. LOVELY.

    • Listen matey I'm not a glory hunting gloating ManUre fan, I support my local team and I'd be more than a little disappointed if we hadn't won at OT in the last 20 years!

    • Hey not so Clever Trevor, Manure's record is only intact due to a fecking useless, half wit of a linesman who can't run and watch the play and can't see the ball go 2 feet over the line for a perfectly good goal.

      Run the line - he couldn't run a turd race down a drain pipe.

      Bet he got a nice few quid for that one.

    • On dear but you're the silly billy - it's not draws we're talking about but WINS - you haven't won there in 20 YEARS and turd whether in a drainpipe or not makes no difference

    • I dont think your a football historian dim trevor, what kind of football historian would do some research online, then put it all onto a football chat page and only put 1 thing about football. I think its more like your a sad person that gets a little enjoyment out of these sad pathetic little post. And no you havent wound me up. You made me laugh, After the day I have had today many thanks

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      • Hi Not so Clever Trevor, I don't expect a reply now that you've been made to look the twat you are. As I thought, the 2005 match at the Manure Heap ended 0-0 with Spurs robbed by the linesman late in the game.

        So you thought you would bombard us with historical facts eh?

        Historical? .....More like HYSTERICAL.

        Now who's the silly billy?

        Now crawl back down into the sewer you came from and carry on watching the turd races.

    • Hello again Numbnuts Trevor. Yes it was a draw but unless my memory is worse than I thought, wasn't it Roy Carroll who hauled the ball back into play to deny Spurs a WIN?

      Help me out someone.

    • Hey Clev...so you actually thought you were providing a service to Spurs fans with your little cut and paste history lesson did ya? Like you (who supports your nameless local side) know more about Spurs than the average Spurs fan...I'd laugh, but it's not worthy...wind up? Not even a bad one much less the perfect one that you calim it to be.

      You are a sad sad person (not for what you did, but for how you tried to justify it...pathetic).

      Now jog on nipper. (And if you come back with the usual crap about "you've folled your team since [insert decade in the 20th century and you do this and have that]" then you should be doubly ashamed because right or wrong I've got you figured as a kid who's bored.

      Come back when you've got a real wind up, something truly, useful or interesting to say.

    • Rambro,

      It may be a hunch and I may well be wrong, but I think that Clever Trevor is none other then our old friend Fabongrass using a new psudonym.

      Everything that he has said so far indicates the same level of intellgence as Fabongrass used to do!

    • God you must really enjoy suffering!

      I stated a historical fact that the last time the Spuds won at OT was 1989

      I know if must hurt, but I really can't see what the problem is apart from you lack of intelligence.

      ps I know the spuds will clutch at anything at the moment, but 0-0 wasn't a win then and isn't a win now.

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