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  • jp_gumby jp_gumby Jan 25, 2009 04:35 Flag

    Assou Ekotto

    You must have been watching a different game to me! The man is complete litter!!

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    • I kind if agree with Berkshire - and you JP. I think it depends from which angle you are watching the game. If you are looking for good, there were good things to see, and vice versa, if you were looking for bad there were bad things to see. He performs like so many other team members - there are moments of excellent play, lots of average play, and moments of absolute thoughtless amateurish play. I think it comes down to lack of concentration - which could also be thought of as a lack of professionalism. There is no doubt that every one in the first squad have the ability and skills to play a great game, and if they all played up to their abilities we would not be having the problems we are having - which are all stemming from the head. It's like everyone takes turns switching off - as though they are incapable of maintaining 90 minutes of concentrated play. Not sure how to fix that - 'opefully 'arry does!

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      • One good thing about him is that he hugs the touch line really well and so gives us a good bit of width. However, his crossing is too erratic (just like Bentley).

        When you look at him and a number of other players in the team you have to conclude that they must be performing at 80% capacity or less. Not good enough, especially when you compare them to United's Tevez who worked his nuts off. When Pavlyuchenko came off I reckon they didn't even have to wash his kit 'cos he never broke sweat! I'd love to see the stats becasuse I think Zokora did more running for Spurs than all the others put together - and he's 42 years old (OK maybe not, but certainly the oldest in the team)

    • As i watched todays game i couldnt understand why in the second half spurs didnt throw a bit more of their caution to the side and have a real go.If you are going out of the cup then why not go down fighting.

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      • Thre it is Billy my boy (sorry about that Sir William)...the whole reason for my frustration with our team this season is their lack of balls. No one likes heir team to lose...but I can swallow that bitter pill a lot easier if I know that everyone put their all into it.

        As for BAE - not a bad game today; I'm not sure what others expect of him.

        Adel didn't have the same impact as against Burnley...but that's because this wasn't Burnley we played.

        Overall we were way too cautious; yes United can strike in the wnk of an eye but you can't invite them in...there was very little closing down until the last 5-10 minutes when they must've gotten the green light, but it was too late then.

        I did smile at our goal and was glad it was Vidic that Palvy beat to that header as that guy gets away with murder week in and wek out with his strong arm defending. I never for a minute figured us to hold on to that lead, but we did hold it for a bit, but as I said, you can't sit back and let United in, and then Bang! Two in two minutes. I'll let someone else talk about the wimmer and what our captain for the day was doing when it was scored.