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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Jan 25, 2009 23:37 Flag

    Our MIdfield

    At last some spurs fans are beginning to appreciate Zokora.

    I saw very early on that he was a real trier and hoped his enthusiasm would rub off on others around him, sadly it hasn't.

    I'm a fan of Huddlestone but he's gone back to his lazy can't be bothered ways.
    Just like Jenas and just like Bentley, I'd have kept Malbranque and Tanio any day over those two posers.

    Give em till Summer and then out 'em for players who are prepared to earn their wages.

    Goods news if Bent goes soon, shame we wasted so much money though, I hear the Charlton board get it out of the safe every week to count it, they can't believe they managed to stitch us for so much.

    Wonder where Comolli went, perhaps he'll buy him again, maybe for twenty million.

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    • Not a Jenas fan...but if he's not injured for crying out loud put him on the pitch and take that trainwreck of a fake right winger bentley off...he's done...got paid too much got a big head and lost all his motivation...wait a minute...that's just about all our team isn't it...ooo-er!

      What does the "Spursbabe" think of Gio dos Santos...enquiring minds (like mine) would like to know?

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      • hi rambro! im actually a fan of dos santos,prob the only 1.
        i think is easy for people to say we need fighters etc which is true but we also need some creativity behind the front 2.
        i dont think we concede that many,we dont get hammered. before rob disputes this fact, we have played 22 league games and conceded 27 which isnt that bad. but we have only scored 21 out of 22 which is about a goal a game. i think defoe and pavy will get u goals but there seems to be a lack of service especailly when the other team hustles us & get a lot of men behind the ball. i think dos santos can be the 1 to create things for us. so rambro, i think dos santos has been criminally under used.

    • jenas is way 2 inconsistent. he is a bit of a weird one,he seems to be up for the big games and play really well in them.
      also yid of the yr do u remember the carling cup final and we were hanging on in xtra time and he was winning the ball and running it down the line and winning throw ins. hes got good stamina aswell as good long shot. u could also include the free kick away to man utd or the goal at emirates a few months ago.
      but then against the more low key teams he goes missing.

    • its criminal the mess levy and comelli made. 16mil for bent. selling defoe and than buying him back for much more.
      im big fan of zokora, ppl wud critise his passing etc but i would defend him sayin he is the team for his tackling,blocks, interceptions and constant running.
      i did think bently was worth getting but not for what we paid because he had only had a good 6months.
      i hope we sell jenas because he has had years to be consistant but has never done it. i would give bently a bit longer.
      im not keen on taraabt either.

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      • Spursbabe,

        I would like to think that with Palacios in place we would have a bit more backbone in the centre of the park. He has shown in the matches against us this season that he has proved to be a very worthy player to have. And he comes highly recommended by none other then fat Frank Lampard - a good indictment if ever there was one.

        As for the players you have mentioned Zokora is a bit of an enigma, he sometimes goes on mazey runs that lead nowhere, and tries to score when he is in no way a goalscorer.

        Bentley has to cut out the clever stuff ( he tries too hard ) there's no doubt that he is tallanted, but we need to get back to basics in order for us to start winning games again!

        Jenas is the kind of player that is very useful as a utility player, so I would want to keep him as he sometimes gets us the crucial goals that could be the difference between a defeat and a draw.

        Finally what are you reasons for not liking Adel Taraabt?