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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 26, 2009 22:34 Flag

    keano...do you want him back?

    Keane back at The Lane? It won't work? While Keane can bring something to the team, he clearly thrives, goalscoring wise, when he plays off a big man...Pavly is not that big man! Someone said Defoe and Keane can't play together...they didn't really play together that much to begin with...it was first one or the other with Mido; then one or the other with Berbatov (mainly Keane). I think they both thrive playing off of a big target (which was why I hoped that the non-goalscoring Heskey came our way; but that didn't happen. I haven't seen a lot of K. Jones, but he's the right size; just don't know much about his hold up play (doesn't look like we'll be getting him either).

    So all that to say, no, I wouldn't want Keane back (unless he was coming with Torres...(Laughs))!