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  • As most of you know.....I generally take on the bell ends who spam our board rather than tolerate them as others do.
    Im also pretty game when it comes to fighting fire with fire.....Im aware thats not always to everyones taste too.
    As you can see poor sad old buzz has been banned....he'll be back of course under another ID but what can ya do!
    I dont particularly enjoy dealing with these oiks but have found that if you can wind them up quickly enough they usually go 'boing' and get themselves deleted........a la buzz lightyear.
    To my fellow posters I ask this...would you prefer me to ignore them so save the aggro?

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    • Cheers Alan...I personally welcome banter on here and once you have etsablished your credentials as a genuine poster (as you have).. well.. a lot of fun can be had with the occasional dig, quip or even downright p*ss take.....lets face it we would do it to eachothers face in a pub with a nice pint and a grin wouldnt we...and still shake hands at the end!
      As for the multiple ID, fake accent, 24/7 types you get in here...well Im baffled by their motives frankly. Perhaps they've all had a hard life and its their way to exact some revenge without having to come out from behind the safety of their keyboards?

    • Cheers for reminding me of a fact that has slipped my mind of late EY.....The arse got absolutely nothing! cue maniacal laughter and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    • Informative stuff as usual by you and others, Essex. The Spurs board is an excellent board.
      I have to choose my words carefully because I enjoy any good logical banter on any board. You get none of this Portuguese crap on here I notice, can you explain that one.

    • Actually chaps your choice of weapon need not be anything other than that shiny piece of silverware so gloriously won........thats gotta strike those trophyless goons to their very core!! LOL

    • Jay, that IS funny!

      But for me my choice of weapon to take into the The Emirates Library would be a kalashnikov or better yet a rocket-launcher!

    • Moot point Essex. Sometimes responding to their peurile posts actually makes them worse and then they're incredibly hard to get rid of.

      If they really pi$$ me off I hit the ignore button - end of.

      However, if you're feeling in the mood to respond then go for it and good luck :-)

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      • I agree with you about the ignore facility KM but in my experience that only works if their is a consensus from all to ignore the poster.
        There will always be someone who replies whether thats an old lag or a newbie...and why not its a free forum...............this is all the spammer needs...it feeds their need.
        I realise this is your original point but as its impossible to get everyone to agree to ignore....I tend to choose option B which is fightback. You do understand though that I dont stoop so low as to spamming their boards? I will only defend the Spurs on our board or personal attacks against me or fellow posters here......Im not some crusader who spends all day here ridding the forums of parasites. Its only one message board not the real world.......and like real life I can go awol for long spells when it suits me!

    • Get the buggers off of here EY - they're a waste of space, and an annoyance. Good job!

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      • Now that is interesting EY. I started to get involved on this site a few weeks ago but got really wound up by that plonker fabongrass (do you remember him?) and I let it get to me to a point where I became as sick in the head as he was.

        Haven't been on here since due to being embarrassed at myself for being so childish although I have popped back now and again to keep an eye on what you and the other sensible regulars have been thinking.

        Tempted to start posting again but not sure I can trust myself but I still think (if you can avoid being dragged into the sh1te with them) that you should keep on taking on the w£$%^ers. Good luck to ya.