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  • OMG WTF OMG WTF Jan 28, 2009 21:24 Flag

    Please be paper talk!

    Redknapp will lose any credibility he has if he lets Lennon or Modric go. Especially if it involves bringing Keano back. I agree with all that is said about Keano, being a good player, as long as he had Berba to work along side, but without Berba, ordinary. As for Milan wanting Modric and exchanging that 35yr old defender, send em packing Harry. Him and Lennon are part of our future. We don't want to start getting near pensioners into the squad.

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    • if arry sells em wee gonna be in deeeeeeeeep shit it will be like finding a penny and losing 50million euros

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      • I completely forgot about Palacios!

        I don't mean clear out the rest, I just mean he'd be an eejit to consider selling Lennon or Modric because that could be our power-midfield as soon as a year's time, and they're all young so will all be around (hopefully around WHL...) for a long time. I get the impression at least Hudd-Lennon-O'Hara really get on as well (I suppose Modric's the new kid, he'll get in there eventually ;) ), which is a good sign for a healthy team mentality.

        And I don't want rid of Jenas, particularly any time soon - I know I keep repeating myself on this, but we have a tiny number of players who've been with the club long term or who show leadership & communication, and I think he does, and also the old fact that he might not be seen to do much at times, but the team as a whole play better which is a good enough reason to keep him on the pitch in my book...

        I've said that so many times I just decided to look up some stats to see if I could prove it, and found this completely unscientific but really interestin article & comparison: http://www.clubfanzine.com/tottenham_hotspur/v2.showNews.php?id=17593


    • This time next year:


      Subs/rotations/dips in form replacements: Bentley, Bale (although I maintain I'd like him at LB, give him time to learn etc), Giovanni, Zokora.

      That's our midfield sorted for the next 5 years! I reckon Zokora might last a bit longer but will be phased out by Hudd, the rest need a little bit more experience and to play & learn together, but there's massive potential there. You'd be a muppet to let any of them go, and Redknapp's a lot of things, but muppet he ain't.

      I also think there's enough going on at the club to keep a couple of players like Gio & Bentley happy to be second-in-line for at least a couple of seasons - there are so many games and injuries etc that they'll still get a good run out, and midfielders in particular seem to suffer from dips in form when it's wise to alternate them, I reckon they'd still get to play maybe 2/5ths of games.