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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 29, 2009 00:36 Flag

    Please be paper talk!

    The problem is, it's not just them that's been inconsistent, it's been everything about the bloody club! Jenas, Lennon and Hudd all joined summer 2005 (which I hadn't realised... they're all Children of Comolli's era!), in the 3 & a half years since then we've had 3 managers, bought & sold something ridiculous like 60 players, and 2 of the 3 summer transfer windows have had massive upheavals of key players (Carrick, Berb & Keane) leaving... it' no wonder they've been inconsistent.

    And don't forget that they're all still really young: Bale's only 19! I swear he's been 19 for years... Lennon's 21, & Hudd's 22 - even JJ's not old at 25. They've come in without knowing all that much about the professional world, they've all had rumours about 'bigger' clubs coming for them at some stage and being sold because they're not good enough for Spurs at another, not to mention each manager seeming to have a different idea of what they want from them and what they're capable of. I'm not saying it's massively different to any club, but it's not going to have been the easiest start to professional life. If - IF - we can have two or three years where they're settled, with absolute support for players and managers running through the club (i.e. none of Levy's whispering behind closed doors) I see no reason that they (the young'uns anyway, I think we largely know what we're gonna get with JJ) can't all fulfil this potential.

    That's the difference between you and me Essex, you're pissed off because they haven't fulfilled their promise, I'm the idealist who says "maybe they still can...", and I'll be saying it until they're 90!

    (and if I accept they won't make it as players at 90, I'll probably say that their niche much really be managing!)