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  • Anthony Anthony Jan 28, 2009 17:50 Flag

    Please be paper talk!

    I hope the rumours today linking a Robbie Keane return are complete rubbish. Aaron Lennon plus cash would be the worst piece of business I could ever hope for. If we lose Lennon we are losing are best attacking option as his pace is i feel one of our best assests and really miss him when hes out of the team. As for bringing Keane back, no respect to the club, can't play with Defoe, no thank you! I wouldn't even be happy to get Keane plus cash let alone the deal being the other way round!

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    • Rambr0, are you trying to take my own words and use them against me? I'm onto you! ;)

      "But that's why I looked up those stats (which prove nothing, because they don't do a lot of comparison like the results of the games they play together vs apart etc, but are quite interesting reading nonetheless)."

      I find them an odd 3 players to be comparing anyway, Zok & JJ play completely different roles, and while Hudd & Zok are generally deployed as holding midfielders Hudd likes to get forward a lot more than Zokora - it's more that he's accidentally defensive whereas that's Zokora's strength.

      Still, Jenas's stats there about the points aren't bad, which goes with my feeling about his presence being good for the team even when his playing isn't that noticable. He's pretty good at off-the-ball work, which is the sort of player I think we need now - someone to distract a player or two while someone else sneaks past and surges forward.

    • Remember this about statistcis NBR (you being female and all)

      Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. ~Aaron Levenstein

      How many of the games did Jenas AND Zokora play at the same time?

      How many of Zokora's games did he play at his chosen position
      (could say the same for Jenas).

      I read a couple of the comments after the piece and it was ttypical and right in line with what the article said...if you like one you tend not to have too much good to say about the others. So who jumps up and downs the Energizer Bunny (Zok)...the Jenas fans...with out a bit of thought given.

      As for the main topic - this story is a re-hash; they brought it up before when Keane hadn't scored his first goal and was being called a flop barely before he got to play a game (and I think to this day he hasn't played a full 90minutes for L'pool). So unless Harry's going to pull a MAJOR fast one and get Ricky Kaka and David Villa in...then no, stupid move, so stupid in fact the cretins that read those rags should feel as though they're being taken the piss out of! (BTW - I used to read them all when I was a kid, so don't feel bad).

    • I thought that too, I'm pretty sure that's right (it's just media hype & the unfortunate coincidence that's made this a big deal).

      Yeah, I think it's a bit late in his career to blame upheaval for Jenas, my points about him were really that I think he's better than his current reputation says - since being injured he seems to be getting a much worse slating than normal! But that's why I looked up those stats (which prove nothing, because they don't do a lot of comparison like the results of the games they play together vs apart etc, but are quite interesting reading nonetheless).

    • I totally agree with you on the Hud. Lennon and Bale in a club in turmoil aspect but I still feel Jenas is too inconsistent even when he's had a run in the team.
      Yes he's made the England squad and yes he's supposedly wanted by Morinho but why can't he perform week in week out for Spurs?

      I also agree with someone else's post about bringing Bale on last night to get rid of his never been in a winning league team.
      Although I thought he had, just never started in one.

    • The problem is, it's not just them that's been inconsistent, it's been everything about the bloody club! Jenas, Lennon and Hudd all joined summer 2005 (which I hadn't realised... they're all Children of Comolli's era!), in the 3 & a half years since then we've had 3 managers, bought & sold something ridiculous like 60 players, and 2 of the 3 summer transfer windows have had massive upheavals of key players (Carrick, Berb & Keane) leaving... it' no wonder they've been inconsistent.

      And don't forget that they're all still really young: Bale's only 19! I swear he's been 19 for years... Lennon's 21, & Hudd's 22 - even JJ's not old at 25. They've come in without knowing all that much about the professional world, they've all had rumours about 'bigger' clubs coming for them at some stage and being sold because they're not good enough for Spurs at another, not to mention each manager seeming to have a different idea of what they want from them and what they're capable of. I'm not saying it's massively different to any club, but it's not going to have been the easiest start to professional life. If - IF - we can have two or three years where they're settled, with absolute support for players and managers running through the club (i.e. none of Levy's whispering behind closed doors) I see no reason that they (the young'uns anyway, I think we largely know what we're gonna get with JJ) can't all fulfil this potential.

      That's the difference between you and me Essex, you're pissed off because they haven't fulfilled their promise, I'm the idealist who says "maybe they still can...", and I'll be saying it until they're 90!

      (and if I accept they won't make it as players at 90, I'll probably say that their niche much really be managing!)

    • i cant beleive someone with redknapps knowledge would go for any deals involving lennon or modric. they are the future of his team and unless they offer us 20 million and keane i dont think it would even be considered.

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      • Redknapp will lose any credibility he has if he lets Lennon or Modric go. Especially if it involves bringing Keano back. I agree with all that is said about Keano, being a good player, as long as he had Berba to work along side, but without Berba, ordinary. As for Milan wanting Modric and exchanging that 35yr old defender, send em packing Harry. Him and Lennon are part of our future. We don't want to start getting near pensioners into the squad.

    • I heard this was more Liverpools proposal than Spurs but I agree with AR ...a silly idea all round.
      I have in the past given Lennon plenty of stick regarding his not fulfilling the early potential he had.....but that was in a team that was pushing for Europe and 'glory'. In this relegation threatened side he is a vital component and another 'busy' striker is the last thing we need in exchange.......who is going to provide for them?
      Mind you if the Mickeys want Jenas lets bite their hands off!