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  • Mark THFC Mark THFC Jan 29, 2009 18:10 Flag

    uefa cup ...next season


    Would anybody on here be to disappointed if we didnt qualify for the uefa cup next season.
    Sure it would be nice to retain the carling cup,and play in europe again.But the actual amount of games you play to get even close to winning it,is it actually worth it.
    Just think how much fresher our squad would be without the inconvience of travelling to foreign parts,and playing on a thursday.
    Looking back to the 05/06 season when we lost out on fourth place,we only played 40 games as we had no euro matches and went straight out of both cups.Compared to the following seasons when we played 59 and 57 and a similar amount this season will be played.
    If it meant we could put up a challenge like 05/06,id gladly give it a miss.
    Another plus point would be more saturday games.
    Any thoughts anyone

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    • Much as I would love to see us qualify for the UEFA cup through beating the Mancs at Wembley, I'm more concerned with our precarious league position. OK, we won on Tuesday against Stoke, but I'm not comfortable with us sitting in 13th in the table just above the relegation zone.

      We will not know how many points we will need to avoid the dreaded drop. Don't forget teams have been relegated after being touted as being too good to go down just ask any West Ham fan when they were relegated a few seasons back.

      So for me a cup-final win would be a bonus - but surely premiership safety is of paramount importance.

    • if he does field his ''weaker team'' and he has his ''A'' team on the bench it will be like going to beat the little kid up at school and findin his two big brothers behind us(but we may be able to sneak away)

    • I agree n_b_r......I dont really mind who SAF decides to field on the day......as long as the correct Spurs team turn up!
      Will it be the heroes of 1 yr ago.... or the zeros who didnt bother any more after collecting their medal.

      PS I dont get the feeling that a Ryan Giggles would have been half as successful a player somehow do you!!

    • He's done it the whole way through - Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes etc, (hehe, I was just writing Giggs but thinking Scholes, I ended up writing Giggles! I'm easily amused...), he really wants to win everything so he can prove how well he's doing at all levels - I think Arsenal have given CC an interesting new twist with their young players, they've added the element of "who's going to have the best team in 3 years time", and that's a new game for Fergie and one he wants to win.

      Bring 'em all on, that's what I say!

    • Cos Hamburg are going to knock us out in a case of poetic justice - otherwise, that's great idea.

      On the upside, it means we'll knock Villa out to get to Hamburg, which'll be nice.

    • Morning Mark. Fully understand your reasoning but I think, with the new stadium on the drawing board, the revenue from a EUFA cup run is necessary.
      I don't think we have the squad to challenge on all fronts at present, so I would give the EPL title a miss for a couple of seasons. Concentrate on hopefully winning cups.
      I think it would be nice too to have the Saturday 3 pm kick-offs back again, we certainly don't seem to get many.
      Back in the 60's when we were successful we still played Sat 3 o'clock KO We used to play 60 games a season, I know the game wasn't so demanding but nor were the fitness levels and nourishment so scientific.
      Not sure if it's not the TV rights that cause the problem. CL and Eufa cup games being played on seperate nights!!

    • Mark...I'll begin by stating that we have virtually no chance of european footy next season! We'll have to beat Man Utd in a Wembley final to get there and how often does that happen? Not impossible but Im not banking on it. As for the league route...well you'd have to be a nutter to think we have a chance this season!
      To answer your question though.....yes I would be disappointed to miss out. Not only have I grown accustomed to our eufa cup nights but surely it is the goal of every PL club to play in Europe.
      We are forever having the 'acme' of a top 4 place rammed down our throats and the added influx of money and prestige is vital to building future squads by attracting better players.
      Perhaps your right about having a sabbatical to regroup and rebuild without the distractions of the eufa cup next season BUT I waited a long time for us to get back into regular euro footy and Im very reluctant to take a step backwards.
      We should have a squad equiped enough to deal with the extra fixtures and we did not so long ago........OK fair enjough lets rebuild ......but europe must be our goal every year and I demand we return immediately!!

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      • Morning EY. I'm LTS as you know and as such have to be and am forever optomistic so IMO it's not out of the question for us to get into Eufa through the league. We haven't lost to the "Big 4" in the league this season, so if we can match that and beat the teams we should beat, who knows!!!!
        Think I should change my name to Foreveroptomist and sign in as F.O.?????
        Could be misconstrued ..........hopefully by the likes of Fabongas and his ilk.......