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  • longtimespur longtimespur Jan 29, 2009 19:22 Flag

    Harry's gonna make us terrific?

    According to todays press Harry is determined to make us a great team again.
    Another thread seems to undermine this.
    "Fred won't be coming to Spurs"
    Apparently he's spat his dummy out and contradicting Harry's version of events. Harry says Fred didn't turn up at Spurs for a meet, Fred's agent says Harry was supposed to be going to France and didn't.
    We don't need another petulant little git DO we, why does Harry??

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    • why do we need to be making a offer for santa cruz of 20 million when surely pav is always going to play in front of him thats why keano won't come back he won't get a start in front of defoe.surely harry has to buy another defender i'm like most not confident in chumba womba's defensive attributes.also if he does intend on offloading hudd as some papers say then surely this is a massive backward step the boy is top drawer and can offer defesive cover does harry not know where any of his players have played before

    • Petulant...I don't know this Fred geezer personally, but we can't beleive everything one reads. The way it read (to me) was that there was a meet on in France. Our brass called and said they want to meet in London instead...they balked end of. They could have bowed out for any number of reasons (a conflict with something else for instance).

      I'm a benefit of the doubt kind of guy anyway...you know live and let live. So...anyway...I have heard that Fred's a bit of a git; but so are a lot of players who aren't happy in their current situation (you don't have to look far for examples, our ex-own Dimitar Berbatov springs to mind).

      Now they say we are going to ake an audacious bid of 20 mil for Santa Cruz (instead of 4 or 5 mil for Fred who is arguably just as good...I guess you pay the extra for a Prem-prove commodity vs one with the 'potential to do well'...again ask Man U or Liverpool about that (Berba and Keane cost them both a small fortune).

      I'm just thinking out loud folks...you know me...