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    The transfer merry-go-round


    Its guess who we're gonna sign by 5 o clock tomorrow afternoon!

    Personally, I would love to see us f**k up the Gooners bid to sign Arshavin and pair him up with Pav!

    Any other guesses or opinions?

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    • Re Berba - it was the way he went about wanting a move that really got up my nose. Fine, say you want to leave but to go on strike and act like a petulant schoolkid did him no favours, and I hold him responsible for the situation we find ourselves in now. If he'd been man enough to play his best until he was transferred I doubt we'd be in the dire straits we are now.

      I agree about Rafa, but that said (to quote from an earlier thread), I still can't believe you'd take relegation over having a player back who could keep us in the Premiership. I stand by what I said - if Keane is man enough to admit he made a mistake and is willing to make amends for it then that's OK by me, and there's no doubt he'd work his socks off to prove it, especially now given the injury to Defoe.

    • We've probably had his conversation many many times before, but my view is we always knew what'd happen with Berb, he made it clear in a respectful way from a year earlier. The way he behaved when he came down to the last couple of weeks wasn't ok, but we all knew what he wanted and accepted it a long time before, so could see why he was pissed off with it.

      Keane, on the other hand, barefaced lied, saying he'd finish his career here and this childhood Liverpool fan stuff (I'm sorry, I just don't buy it - I did the tinternet research & he'd never said that before last May), and as soon as the rumours started he effectively went into hiding & didn't do any interviews or let us know anything: cowardly and disrespectful to fans who've treated you well all along.

      Not that any of it matters any more.

      I don't imagine he'll be back tomorrow anyway, Rafa's not man enough to admit when he's made a mistake.

    • You're so generous Not_Blonde, but each to their own :-)

      A lot of people are big enough to admit they've made mistakes, and if Keane does so I won't hold it against him. Frankly I'd rather have him back than Berbatov, who behaved far more appallingly in my view.

    • (oh, and don't worry Kentish, I'll let you have your own opinion, even if it's wrong ;) )

    • Depends how you read this:

      "Keane, a boyhood Liverpool fan [NBR says rubbish!], will be distraught at having to leave but has been unhappy at the deeplying role he has been asked to play. Benitez indicated last night that he had not sanctioned paying £20m for Keane, insisting: 'The club spent it.' " http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1133129/Spurs-end-Keanes-Anfield-misery-Rafa-admits-I-didnt-signing.html

      But you're right, he was the one doing all the unsettling and unsubtle interviews, so who does he think he's kidding? He's a funny one that Benitez...

    • Apologies Mike - thought you were one of the Keane-haters :-(

      However, it begs the question of why the Scousers would shell out £20m but not play him on a regular basis? After all, Rafa unsettled him in the summer to force the move but hasn't played him enough to give him the chance to prove his worth. By all accounts they haven't paid us in full for him so if he does come back it shouldn't cost us much.

      I'd have him back like a shot. Sorry of that upsets some of you.

    • Mel,

      I must be one of the minority of Spurs fans that would be delighted to see Keano pull on a Spurs shirt again.

      But at the same time Liverpool paid out £20m for him in the Summer and if the newspaper reports are anything to go by, Liverpool will sell him back to us for only £15m - why would they want to make such a loss on Keano?

      I think at 17:00 hours tomorrow afternoon Keano will still be a Liverpool player ( even though I will be delighted if I am wrong and he does sign for us again ).

    • theres no harm in aiming high is there pal......still i hear blairs still got a pair of nifty feet........how about a cheeky swoop in for him and brucie...........always have a good game...good game then lol......

      bent top scorer.......shame on you lot for wanting to sell your saviour.........



    • Evening Mike. Yes, it's nice to dream but we have to wake up afterwards to reality.

      I think we have to face facts that Bent isn't firing on all cylinders though may get more of a chance now Defoe is (sadly) injured. However, much as I know a lot of our fellow posters on here (yourself included) won't like it, I reckon Keano will be back at the Lane tomorrow - he wasn't even on the bench today for the Chelski match and that will make him a very unhappy bunny. Coupled with some of the bizarre comments that Rafa has made lately it doesn't bode well for him.

      And, let's face it, you can't deny he wasn't a good servant in the years he played for us can you?

      I for one would be very happy to see him back - having eaten a huge slice of humble pie mind you!!

    • Evening Mel,

      Suppose you're right about Bent and I must be living in cloud cuckoo land thinking Messi will join us!

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