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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Feb 3, 2009 01:19 Flag

    since we didnt sign a left sided player again what about this

    was thinking that when defoe is back and if keano and pavva are fit then why not play
    GK cudicini
    RB corluka/chim CBwoodgate CB dawson LB assou ekotto
    RMlennon CM palacious CM modric LM keane
    defoe and pav

    could keane be the answer to our left side and play all 3 strikers with bent campbell on the bench. my favourite keano moment was when he put boulahrouz of chelsea on his ass then crossing to lennon to score. what do u all reckon??????/

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    • Well....it would give us a scoring midfielder with the graft rate needed for defensive duties, unlike Bentley. But he will need to do very well to win me back after his betrayal. And I can see JD thinking here we go again.

      Another problem is he is not a true left sider, something everyone agrees we need. Why do the club seem unwilling to really push the boat out to get one, yet waste £16M apiece on the likes of Bent (and Bentley).

      Yeah...I know Bent scored 2. The first was a scuffed shot, the second fluked under the keeper. Both were unconvincing strikes from an unconvincing striker.

    • He's played on the left for us before and done alright, so it's possible. He does tend to get frustrated and careless when things don't go his way in terms of position etc, but considering the way he's come back he's going to have to eat/have eaten some humble pie, this might be a good way for him to earn his Spurs (pun intended - sorry).

      However, that does mean we'd have 2 forward-focussed midfielders, one classic attacking winger, and one DM, which could leave us open at the back and without anyone to really play the ball around the middle.

      On our striker situation, I've made it clear many a time that I don't rate Bent, but he has been on form recently and he is in a position where he'll put the work in, I don't want him to be discounted too easily. I'll be the first to point out that him on form isn't as good as most on form, and he does come across as clueless on (most) occasions, BUT as we've said before we really need grafters at the moment.

      I wonder how he'd do if he dropped into midfield... he tends to play quite far forward, but we could make use of his physical presence if he dropped back a bit...

    • I think Keano playing just behind Pav & Defoe..

      It has worked before!