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  • Robert Robert Feb 4, 2009 17:44 Flag


    "Clutching at straws" comes to mind for our 'arry.

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    • Ah, that makes a bit more sense - I just heard there was an annoucement that he'd be Captain, I thought the next bit would be King's enforced retirement but luckily not necessarily. If they're both playing who wears the armband?? The implication is Keane, but surely club trumps team?

      I'm not best pleased with this; it doesn't speak volumes about loyalty does it, but more importantly I think players have to get used to working with somone and feel their being led by them before they can be a successful captain, and many of the team staples (Pav, Modric, Bentley, etc) have never played with Keane. On top of that, it seems Redknapp's inventing roles to try and keep everyone happy, what next? Rocha to be boot cleaning captain?

      I knew it'd be coming eventually (we've all been commenting on the lack on on-pitch leadership), but I thought it'd be at least a couple of months in, when everybody knew him and it made sense. Seems to me Keane's getting his ass kissed by his boss, how's that going to help his delusions of grandeur & being better than the club?