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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 4, 2009 22:11 Flag


    Chill out Sfer, I thought we were just chatting about it - I wasn't aware of anyone waging war on the club!

    You've got to admit it's a pretty odd situation, picking a captain's about a whole lot more than who walks out of the tunnel first and well you know it - they're supposed to set an example to the team, to lead, encourage and support. It seems very strange to offer that to someone who's only just joined (yes, he's been there in the recent past, but not since before a number of the team signed up), and someone who you can't know if they'll still be there in a couple of years if 'something better' comes along - you may think he'll probably stay, but it's going to be at the back of the players minds and the coaching staff's minds. To me, that's not a sensible - or 'normal' - captain choice.

    And obviously that will affect Defoe, he was settling in well in Portsmouth, was very popular, but came back here to be a star for the club and the manager he wanted; it was his big (metaphorical) payday. They might get paid a fortune but they're still human, it's going to have an impact and Keane being picked over him was the main reason he left Spurs. Now he's been given the captaincy alarms bells are going to be ringing in JD's head - I'm sure you'll remember he was playing regularly in the first team a few seasons back before he got an injury, Keane broke through to the first team to fill in and the rest is history.

    It's an odd decision and it warrants discussion.

    (and for the record I'm in that employment situation right now, and I'm staying put - so there!)