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  • arry has made keane spurs captain... here is waht he had to say about keano:

    "He is such a terrific character and I am glad to have him here because he will be important to us both on and off the field"

    "He is just the type of player we need here and gives his all every time he plays."

    "He is a leader with great presence in the dressing room and I am sure his enthusiasm will rub off on others. "

    "Ledley is our club captain but because of his injury he accepts he can't be involved every week, so Robbie will be my team captain."

    obrigado friends!!!

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    • I'm with you on this one sfer - I didn't like the way he left, but I'm happy to have him back - and it's important to have a playing captain. Ledley's done a lot for the club, there's no doubting his loyalty, and it's shame that he has such a debilitating, and apparently irrecoverable injury - but he can't play all of the games, and IMO bringing him in and out has got to be de-stabilizing for the defense - an argument supported by the number of goals we let in from dead balls!
      I think he may be the spark that brings us back up to playing the way we are capable of playing - just look at the club roster - we should be challenging for CL positions not scrabbling about for survival!

    • shite does indeed happen doesn't it! pmsl ;-)

    • gerrard is injured and the possision that gerrard plays in is the position that ol keano prefers.hillarious

    • Ok, I feel a bit for him now - Gerrard was playing a role for Liverpool similar to that Keane likes, and within 2 days of Keane living Gerrard gets injured! Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    • letst just hope he proves us all wrong and bangs all the goals needed y dont harry play a 4-3-3 formation

    • Sfer, I think there's a difference between an ordinary joe going for a few extra quid to help cover the mortgage and today's footballer who earns more in a week than most fans earn in three years.

      Since we all help to pay Keano's wages I think we're entitled to debate the matter.

      Anyway, I doubt anything we say will alter the team's reading of the situation.

      As I said earlier....Strange decision

    • Chill out Sfer, I thought we were just chatting about it - I wasn't aware of anyone waging war on the club!

      You've got to admit it's a pretty odd situation, picking a captain's about a whole lot more than who walks out of the tunnel first and well you know it - they're supposed to set an example to the team, to lead, encourage and support. It seems very strange to offer that to someone who's only just joined (yes, he's been there in the recent past, but not since before a number of the team signed up), and someone who you can't know if they'll still be there in a couple of years if 'something better' comes along - you may think he'll probably stay, but it's going to be at the back of the players minds and the coaching staff's minds. To me, that's not a sensible - or 'normal' - captain choice.

      And obviously that will affect Defoe, he was settling in well in Portsmouth, was very popular, but came back here to be a star for the club and the manager he wanted; it was his big (metaphorical) payday. They might get paid a fortune but they're still human, it's going to have an impact and Keane being picked over him was the main reason he left Spurs. Now he's been given the captaincy alarms bells are going to be ringing in JD's head - I'm sure you'll remember he was playing regularly in the first team a few seasons back before he got an injury, Keane broke through to the first team to fill in and the rest is history.

      It's an odd decision and it warrants discussion.

      (and for the record I'm in that employment situation right now, and I'm staying put - so there!)

    • Keane fan then Sfer?

    • I really do not understand all of this. Yes he left us but if somebody offered to pay you a lot more than you are earning now and give you the chance to work for whoever is the seen as one the best company's in your particular industry wouldn't you give it a go!!! Course you would. Liar if you say no.

      Then if it all went tits up and you felt that you had made a big mistake, would you be really chuffed if your previous employer got in touch and said hey come on back. Course you would. In fact you would be very grateful and even more determined to repay that and be even more loyal than you were before.

      We loved him when he was with us and we will love him again. He gives his all (unlike some that we have ie Bently) and he scores goals.

      Get over it and give him and the team the support they need. The last thing the team needs now is bickering about who should be Captain or who should be first down the tunnel for Christs sake. If any of the team are "upset" by him coming back or being made Captain and they throw their Rolex's out of their Bently convertables then they can f£$k off as far as I am concerned as they obviously don't really care about who they play for.

    • I also didn't really want him back, but his here now and I'm quite sure Keane will show 100% commitment. After all he has got a point to prove with the scousers and he must know he needs to win back the fans.

      Just what making him captain will do to team morale remains to be seen.

      We do make the strangest of decisions!!!!!

      Mind you, if he scores the winner against the scum I just might be prepared to forgive.

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