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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 4, 2009 18:09 Flag

    Tim Sherwood

    Because being a good coach and being a good player are not the same thing!

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    • I wouldnt go as far as to claim Sherwood was a true talent but he did captain Blackburn when they won (or bought.. depending on your viewpoint) the PL in 95 (or was it 94?).......and I recall a few games for us when he did make a difference (Chelsea CC semi?).
      Im gonna go with n_b_r on this one.........most of the PL's top managers were unremarkable players.... (SAF, Wenger, Redknapp) whereas some of the best players havent quite cut the mustard as managers (Adams, Southgate, Robson, Hoddle to name a few).......maybe Sherwoods talent lies in the motivational/psychological field rather than his Brazilian ball juggling!