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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Feb 6, 2009 00:09 Flag

    A Spurs win against Arsenal - What it really means!

    going on recent derby's i again think this one will be an end to end high scoring game lets hope we can nick a win COYS!

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    • Afternoon Sfer,

      Of course you're absolutly right about the fact that we are no longer spring chickens when it comes to football matters.

      We have been around the game long enough to realise that it has changed a hell of a lot since we first started going to White hart Lane as starry-eyed youths dreaming of seeing Spurs emulate the great double-winning team of the early 60's.

      I have often told my kids how fantastic Spurs were in the early 70's and no doubt when they are old enough to have kids of their own will regale their own kids with tales of the present day squad.

      My original post was about how proud I am to be a Spurs fan and my belief in what HR is trying to do - so I'm not going to change my opinion that we ARE going to win on Sunday and going into work on Monday will mean a whole lot of crowing over the Gooners at work ( I hope ).

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      • Hi Wolfie,

        I sincerely hope you are right. I am constantly amazed at how good or bad I can feel on a Monday morning depending on how Spurs did that weekend. Silly really but it can't be helped.

        I was an apprentice at QPR in 1976 (Phil Parkes, Dave Thomas, Frank McLintock, Ian Gillard et al) and then went on to West Ham and eventually Brentford but I don't even really bother to look at their results now. It's Spurs or nothing cos they are in the blood.

        I can't even blame my Dad for getting hooked on Spurs cos he didn't suport anyone. I don't really know why it started - perhaps I saw Alan Gilzean or Martin Chivers score on telly but whatever it was it has lasted longer than pretty much anything else in my life so it must be love!!!