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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 6, 2009 18:37 Flag

    A Spurs win against Arsenal - What it really means!

    ...yes but...did Hoddle have to work? I would rather have a Perryman in the team who did that 'work' stuff, give the ball to Hoddle, who then had the vision and skill to crucify teams.

    That was why Hoddle never got the games for England that his talent so richly deserved - he was perceived as being to lazy and eveyone else in the England squad never looked to Hoddle once they had the ball. To me Robson was a work horse - great he worked and sweated - but what flashes of absolute brilliance...

    Whan someone says 'sweats blood and tears' I would include Hoddle - nothing to do with work rate, all to do with mentality. J Greaves in the same mold..lazy, selfish, but totally brilliant. I hate to say it but Berbatov's the same - look at him - laconic - but when he turns on that style isn't that what you go to see football for?