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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 6, 2009 20:03 Flag

    A Spurs win against Arsenal - What it really means!

    Fair play John but the original point I was making was to Wolfies assertion that Hoddle would sweat blood for the team and whilst I think he was a truly gifted player I do not agree with him being a battler.

    Every team needs a balance of workers like Perryman and flare players like Hoddle. When yuo are where we are at the moment you look to your workers to make sure you don't let in goals and lose 1 - 0 and hope you have enough "Hoddles" still on the pitch to produce a moment of genius and nick a 1 - 0 win.

    Ralph Coates - the antithesis of the modern PL player. Short, overweight, scruffy, Rab C Nesbitt hair and the shortest inside leg measurement in the history of football (apart from Johnny Giles of course) but I wouldn't have swapped him for anybody no matter what. Memories!!!