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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 6, 2009 00:04 Flag

    A Spurs win against Arsenal - What it really means!

    Actually berlin you raise quite an interesting point there (of course you knew that!)....about the nature of the modern game and the moder supporter.
    Its just a theory of course so I look forward to it being challenged but........as are many others on here, im pretty old skool......been a spurs fan and football fan for 40 years. As a kid beating your derby rivals was simply marvelous...worth a whole seasons work.......getting to a semi final was big, a final huge....winning a trophy...well lets just say it mattered.
    I have serious doubts as to whether the modern fan realises this anymore. How many times have we put up with glory hunters and plastics coming in here and slagging off the league cup...or claiming we will never be top 4? TOP 4??? that was failure years ago.....the champions of England played in the european cup and second got eufa......that was it. You had to win a cup to get any cred......nowadays success seems to be gauged by how big a salary you are paying a player and/or how many prawn sarnie munchers you can cram into your vast stadium.
    Of course we will have our own corporate stadium soon and all the talk is about our spending power these days.....Im not saying Spurs are arny different......I am though ashamed of the old timers from all clubs who give it large in here and try to belittle what was once considered glory.
    I'll say it once more to clarify....we got silverware in our trophy cabinet and that makes us better than most. COYS

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    • Dont think you will be getting too much stick for that opinion EY. Mind you, it just might be that we are moving further away from being youngsters and more towards being grumpy old men!

      Not that that bothers me - I quite enjoy having a moan and being able to get away with it cos I've got some grey haior!