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    A Spurs win against Arsenal - What it really means!

    Evening all,

    I know this is like stating the bleeding obvious but I have looked at several Spurs/Arsenal postings on here and also on the Gooners board and I have come to the conclusion that this result means more to us then it does to the Gooners!

    They simply see it as just another game and probably don't think or care about it as much as we do as they did 10-15 years ago.

    I just hope that the current crop of Spurs players realise what it really means to us the Supporters who very often sacrifice everything to following the team through thick and thin ( our crowds never seem to drop below 35,000 even though we are down in the mire ).

    I hate to make predictions on a game where there is so much pride at stake, but I think on Sunday this pride will shine through and we will get that much needed win and 3 points to consolidate our EPL position.

    My prediction therefore will be 2-1 to the Lillywhites!


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    • Here Here,

      Esp with RK back (didn't like it when he left and felt a bit betrayed and stabbed in the abck) but great to have him back. We need leaders and like Tim Sherwood said it would have been great to get Craig Bellemy but hopefully all the players realise that there is no club outside of the top four bigger than Spurs and they are all playing for there long term futures.

      Good old Harry has the balls to leave out the wasters like he did with Bentley, and have to say his last few performances have been a lot better.

    • beating the ar5ena1, or a local rival, are what derby games are all about, and if they don't see it that way then they are not true fans in the sense of the word.........nuff said! lol ;-)

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      • Actually berlin you raise quite an interesting point there (of course you knew that!)....about the nature of the modern game and the moder supporter.
        Its just a theory of course so I look forward to it being challenged but........as are many others on here, im pretty old skool......been a spurs fan and football fan for 40 years. As a kid beating your derby rivals was simply marvelous...worth a whole seasons work.......getting to a semi final was big, a final huge....winning a trophy...well lets just say it mattered.
        I have serious doubts as to whether the modern fan realises this anymore. How many times have we put up with glory hunters and plastics coming in here and slagging off the league cup...or claiming we will never be top 4? TOP 4??? that was failure years ago.....the champions of England played in the european cup and second got eufa......that was it. You had to win a cup to get any cred......nowadays success seems to be gauged by how big a salary you are paying a player and/or how many prawn sarnie munchers you can cram into your vast stadium.
        Of course we will have our own corporate stadium soon and all the talk is about our spending power these days.....Im not saying Spurs are arny different......I am though ashamed of the old timers from all clubs who give it large in here and try to belittle what was once considered glory.
        I'll say it once more to clarify....we got silverware in our trophy cabinet and that makes us better than most. COYS

    • i'm with u on this i can't see our boys losing on sunday i think this is as vital as they come a draw would not even do us any good we have every thing to play for and they have nothing surely our boys know the importance of this i hope daws is playing he lifts the crowd he plays with his heart on his sleave something all 17 should be thinking about from now till kick off at least 6 have solme doubters to prove

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      • Thanks Mark,

        I have been a Spurs fan since the mid 70's and in that time I have seen players come & players go.

        All of the older supporters like myself realise that when we first started following the Spurs it was for life and we expected the players to show as much dedication to the cause then, as we do now - we expect nothing less from the current crop of players.

        I'm confident that this pride will shine through and Spurs will ( no MUST ) win as I believe this result will kick-start our season!

    • going on recent derby's i again think this one will be an end to end high scoring game lets hope we can nick a win COYS!

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      • Afternoon Sfer,

        Of course you're absolutly right about the fact that we are no longer spring chickens when it comes to football matters.

        We have been around the game long enough to realise that it has changed a hell of a lot since we first started going to White hart Lane as starry-eyed youths dreaming of seeing Spurs emulate the great double-winning team of the early 60's.

        I have often told my kids how fantastic Spurs were in the early 70's and no doubt when they are old enough to have kids of their own will regale their own kids with tales of the present day squad.

        My original post was about how proud I am to be a Spurs fan and my belief in what HR is trying to do - so I'm not going to change my opinion that we ARE going to win on Sunday and going into work on Monday will mean a whole lot of crowing over the Gooners at work ( I hope ).

    • Yes John I do agree,

      The players I mentioned in my earlier post were from when I was a starry-eyed youth going to WHL. They were the kind of players that would give everything to get success for the famous White Shirt.

      Of course there have been others more recently with the likes of Gary Mabbutt & Graham Roberts just to name but two - I'm sure that there have been more ( but in the 1970's Tottenham Hotspur had the players that wore the shirt with so much pride would not have dreamt of commiting the cardinal sin by deserting the club for Arsenal or Man United a-la Campbell & Berbatov ).

    • Haha, love it. Will be repeating it at work tomorrow! :)

    • Fair play John but the original point I was making was to Wolfies assertion that Hoddle would sweat blood for the team and whilst I think he was a truly gifted player I do not agree with him being a battler.

      Every team needs a balance of workers like Perryman and flare players like Hoddle. When yuo are where we are at the moment you look to your workers to make sure you don't let in goals and lose 1 - 0 and hope you have enough "Hoddles" still on the pitch to produce a moment of genius and nick a 1 - 0 win.

      Ralph Coates - the antithesis of the modern PL player. Short, overweight, scruffy, Rab C Nesbitt hair and the shortest inside leg measurement in the history of football (apart from Johnny Giles of course) but I wouldn't have swapped him for anybody no matter what. Memories!!!

    • Chivers - now there was a conundrum. I just think that he was too nice a bloke to really be a footballing great. he had the attributes but lacked that killer insitinct.

      As for Hoddle bleeding sweat for the cause - I must have been seeing a different person. At the time he was constantly being critised in the press and by the supporters for not tracking back and tackling. Great player on the ball agreed but work rate! Don't think so.

      What about Ralph Coates! Wouldn't get a game now unless he cut his hair and tried to look like all the other prima donnas.

    • there is a story told by blanchflower about greavsy....nicholson always moaned that he didn't work hard enough.....danny said 'but he got 4 goals today nick...'but he didn't do anything 'complained nicholson....blanchflower said 'he doesn't need to ....he is a genius...a born goalscorer ....be grateful!'
      Hoddle was the same ....he didn't have to sweat ....but they wanted to see him run around like lesser mortals....the spurs manager left him alone ...let him play his way....but stupid greenwood and robson didn't get the best out of him....pity
      do you remember that world cup game when wilkins wasc sent off and by necessity hoddle became the midfild general....he made england come alive....unlike 'crab'
      wilkins who could pass sideway.....he was wasted

    • I think there should be a forum for the 'old codgers' - full of 'do you remember...', 'it wasn't like that in my day...', 'these kids don't know they're born...', 'orange footballs...', '...old brown footballs at the Dell...', '...Moses said to me'...

      type threads...now that would brighten up my day - I could spend what's left of my days living in the past ;-)!

      PS and you'd obviously never remember the bad times, the crap players, the relegation fights (and losing)...just those 'nice' days where G_d looked down and smiled on WHL.....(or was he laughing - hard to tell from this distance)....

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