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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 6, 2009 18:02 Flag

    best goalkeepers ever?

    Totally agree.
    I saw him come for a corner, catch the ball above his head with one hand and bring it down behind his back - all while under pressure. Brilliant keeper.

    When you look back, we've had some absolultely brilliant players at the Lane..and some of the current bunch have the talent to be counted if they live up to their potential.

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    • Too true, Pat is a legend.

      Who can forget the 2 penalty saves in the same match at Anfield (and his out of character response after saving the second one!).

      I also remember seeing him play against Wolves at "the Lane" the season we went down. The Wolves players were shaking their heads in disbelief as Pat pulled off one world class save after the other.

      Even when he went to the "other club" he used to get a wonderful response from the Spurs faithful (and it took us years to score a goal against him).

      All that and a kind, quiet gentleman to boot!

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      • hi reading spur....evidently at anfield liverpool needed to points to win the title and shankly turned to his chairman when the penalty was awarded and said 'here comes your title...'
        but pat saved it .....when the second penalty came.....shankly said 'we have another chance.....here comes the title'
        but he saved the second ....shankly could not believe it!....anyway the kop clapped him and gave him a standing ovation at the end....how many opposition supporters would do that.....great sportsmanship.....but they were different times!

      • He was a great character, Reading, and a class act, nobody disputing that.
        But back to the original question though the keeper's list. Saw both guys many times, still have to have Banks at the top.