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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 7, 2009 18:59 Flag

    best goalkeepers ever?

    hi reading spur....evidently at anfield liverpool needed to points to win the title and shankly turned to his chairman when the penalty was awarded and said 'here comes your title...'
    but pat saved it .....when the second penalty came.....shankly said 'we have another chance.....here comes the title'
    but he saved the second ....shankly could not believe it!....anyway the kop clapped him and gave him a standing ovation at the end....how many opposition supporters would do that.....great sportsmanship.....but they were different times!

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    • Lots of characters in those days, Derek, who we could identify with because they came from our shores mostly. Bet you can cast your mind back now and reel twenty off without struggling.
      The game's changed drastically now with the foreign input--players, owners, managers etc. I'm still an advocater of producing more of our own young players, but then maybe I'm an old fashioned git.
      When I threw Shay Given in there by the way, that was my joker. Just felt that Essex sounded a bit cynical for a Friday afternoon. He'll be smiling if he's reading this now.
      Spurs 1 Gunners 0

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      • you are so right alan....if we don't produce young players to replace the ageing internationals england will never compete at the highest level....too many foreign players block the blossoming of home grown talent....and yet we,the supporters,demand success....and so doing open the door for foreigners.....some teams these days look like the united nations.....it is a catch 22 situation!....also another consequence is they don't have the loyalty and dedication like a local lad

      • Got to disagree with you there Alan, our last two games with the old enemy have had scorelines of 4-4 and 5-1 (I can't remember scores any further back than that off the top of my head), this fixture is always mental, always exciting and there's no way there'll only be one goal.

        Oooh it's gonna be an exciting day tomorrow!!