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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Feb 10, 2009 00:41 Flag

    adams and scolari

    is it me or are prem managers just not getting the time they deserve anymore seems a growing trend now instant silverware or the sack

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    • Let's review shall we...4th in the league, quarter-finals of the Champions League and still in the FA Cup...AND THEN YOU SACK YOUR MANAGER...that is freakin' insane (but expected).

      With Terry coming out ealrier and aopolgising to fans about poor form and then the axe falling on Big Phil's neck one wonders if the word didn't come from the dressing room where unrest was loudly hinted.

      A manager who has lost respect and effectiveness in the dressing room cna have the best CV in the world and he'll still be rendered useless...as Scolari has just found out as Juande Ramos found out (look what happened right after he left!).

      The football landscape is vastly different to when i were a lad the main thing being that the stakes are so much higher and any drop off by a team makes the board very nervous. That nervousness can lead to poor decisions being made. We talk about Manure and their "empire", but I'll tell you this, if SAF was hired now and was following the smae path, he'd of gotten the sack too!

      next up for a hatchet parting...Mark Hughes...then if nothing else changes, gareth Southgate, and lastly if no CL in 2010 Arsnic Whinger (wishful thinking on my part...but watch the gooners come out the woodwork like lice!)

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      • i actually think he had to go. 4th in the league for chelsea isnt a great achivement and would be by far there worst finish for yrs, still in the fa cup but its only the 5th round, all the english teams shud be in the quarter final of champs league(u can win just 2 games in champs league group and still win ur group).
        if they just had some bad results then i think it would have been unfair but the way the team are playing,the tactics,the team spirit etc isnt there. there displays have been very poor & the way they crumbled against man utd was shocking.
        and in the hull game there were no signs of there performances improving. at the end of the day its the managers job to get the team playing well, and he wasnt doing it.

        scolari is also not proven at club level so i never thought he would take chelsea anywhere.

        i agree about sir alex, man utds empire would see most managers achive well at that club.

    • Be interesting to see the average lentgh of tenure of the managers of the top six prem teams (as of now) v's the rest.

    • It's a joke. I thought Scolari's appointment was the one Chelsea had been waiting for, & they'd give him time to become a legend, but no. Adams I can see a bit more, it was a baptism of fire but time and again Pompey seemed unlucky to be beaten, if they were willing to takae a chance I think he'd have come good in the end.

      All it does is make clubs with consistency seem better than they actually are. At this rate it seems worth a punt on Villa winning the league!

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      • Thats the trouble with having a big, spoilt kid with too much money and being totally used to having his own way in charge of a football club. Abramovich is sulking and throws a hissy fit and out goes what I considered to be a very good manager and he seemed like a nice bloke.

        Its the players that should be hanging their heads in shame especially that complete pathetic diver Drogba. Kalu and Anelka are not World class and with Chelseas money you would exp[ect them to have bought a lot better than that although that was before Scholaris time so he should not be blamed.