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  • Jay Jay Feb 10, 2009 22:26 Flag

    what's happening on the left?

    Is it just me or do our whole left side look like a waste of time...when is Super 'Arry gonna address this problem? I thought he would of done so in the Jan window but alas no....What's the point of Keane making his trademark runs in the left channel if the likes of AE and Bale are supplying the killer pass! I think with Lennon and Chimbonda we will do well on the right regarding service to our very talented frontline and our centre backs are solid but we seem to be unbalanced on the left. Who do you all think could fill that gap..whether they be existing players or new signings in the summer? I would like to see a world class left back/winger but can't think of one...help!

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    • Can you find a slot for Downing yet, he's proved he's a fighter and he put a smile on a few of your guy's faces last night.
      Think you might have left it a bit late though, I am his agent now and the phone's red hot.

    • Yes...good solid player. It doesn't necessarily have to be a well known name but someone world class definitely.

    • Sfer, Hartlepool United--Newcastle--Middlesborough and Sunderland.
      And you think you've got problems.
      I'll have my eye on Downing tonight, cheers.

    • No problem Alan. I sort of see what you mean but the Spurs fans that think that Downing is a complete waste of space might not take kindly to you thinking he is a Spurs sort of player! Only kidding. On his day he can get a good cross in but that is not enough for me. We should be looking for a World class player and he is not it.

      Who do you support?

    • IMO Forget Downing, get Johnson.
      Watched him in the under 21 game last night.
      Scored a cracking goal, drove past defenders with speed and strength, supplied good crosses and tracked back to help defence.
      All that and just a kid!!!!!

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      • Good shout LTS. We have already got what is referred to as "young upcoming talent" in the shape of Gareth Bale but I really don't think he will cut the mustard. I am still hoping but from recent displays he is definately not the finished article. I am sure that 'Arry will do some characteristic shrewd business in the summer and I am sure it will come in the form of a left sided player. I always liked to see Lennon when he played onthe left, I know he always had to cut inside onto his right foot but he has the speed of movement to make it possible....It's certainly a toughie!

    • regarding your missus. are you giving discount to WHL season ticket holders?

    • It's the racist, homophobic and also obviously misogynistic charlie george. Please believe me fellow Spurs when I say....this man is the biggest c*nt I have ever talked to on any forum anywhere. Please avoid like the plague!

    • Morning, Sfer. What I was meaning by my comments really is that Downing for me is a Spurs type of player. I know you guys are up against it at the minute but you won't go down.
      Boro unfortunately are a bad side, even though they have some good players. He doesn't get any decent service, but I've seen him up here on song at times and he's great to watch.
      It might never happen, (know Harry likes him though) but next season in a settled Spurs side I can just picture him getting good supply and blossoming when the ball is being sprayed about.
      I'm not his agent by the way.

    • Alan, happy for you to pick me up on any invalid views I may have but it seems most are heading in my direction. Downing only got as far as he has because McLaren was up his ar$e and picked him for England. If he is England class then we are even more trouble than I thought.

      I have watched him this season and others and yes he sometimes puts in a good cross but I ask you, is that a good enough reason to spend millions on him and put him into a side which (we all hope anyway) has aspirations to become a top 4 PL side? God I hope not.

      We should be looking for a player that can add a lot more than a couple of good crosses surely. The problem is, and we are not the only team struggling with this problem, there does not seem to be anybody out there that is good enough or available.

    • Alan, dont take this the wrong way....but are you pimping Downing?.....lol

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