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  • Jay Jay Feb 11, 2009 20:50 Flag

    I caused havoc on the Arsenal Message Board

    I lost the plot yesterday on the Gooners board. I had a go at them for blaming the ref etc for drawing with us and ended up embroiled in a slanging match with several protagonists involving racism, homophobia and other charming subjects including insults to my wife etc.... One guy called spurs fans racist and homophobic and then went on to make comments about Sol Campbell that were both racist and homophobic. This hypocrisy tipped me over the edge until I was being as insulting as they were. I am ashamed and melancholy today as I should've known better. (It was great fun at the time though and the thread is still bubbling now (Without me!)) Also it has made me realise why I hate/pity gooners....

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    • To be fair the Spuds are far more used to putting up with inept performances, so I guess thats probably why. Give it a few more seasons of the tosh weve been served up this season and you never know!

    • Hi Wolfie,
      You are right of course. People seem to forget that this board is about letting people express their views and of course no one is going to agree with everybody else's view are they. Hence debate, but the gooners do seem to have a peculiar way of looking at things. Even the most mild of view points that are hardly worthy of the description "critical" of the Ar$e team leads to a volley of senile abuse. I can only assume that they are much more fragile and senistive about their teams performances than we are ours. Poor little devils.

    • Hey Charlie George (Jim Davidson - Old skool racist) Look what happened.....YOU came on the Spurs board and got spanked! If you look at the content of the replies it seems as though there is a big difference, namely the fact that my fellow Hotspurs used intellect and wit and did not once resort to personal insults and/or racism or homophobia. I don't think you will learn any lessons from that because you don't have the sufficient brain power but it was ironic and amusing nonetheless! Touché...

    • Haa-haa! I'll stop laughing soon..

      As a matter of fact it is Alberto Contador ( who? ) team mate of Lance Armstrong ( who? ) with the Astana Pro-cycling Team ( ? ).

      Now you can tell all your pals ( if you have any ) you have learned someting outside the world of football...

    • Is it you on your bike doing your paper round?

    • No, but if you really want me to tell you who it is, I will... but you would probably be scratching your head - as you probably don't have a life outside of football like most normal people..

    • that photo on your profile. is it a reference to Jays wife being an old bike?

    • Not really, if you read Jay's original post, you will find that there is no reference to slagging off your beloved gooners - it seems that you are just being shortsighted or quite probably have a very blinkered view - perhaps you should try living in the real world instead of using insulting remarks just to get your point across!

      And as far as being a Gooner coming on this board to ridicule Spurs fans, you are not the first and you certainly won't be the last.

      Finally, before you forget these boards are open forums and people are entitled to post their opinions on them (free country and all that) and if you don't like it you can always choose to hit the ignore button!

    • well criticising a team that is so far ahead of your beloved Spurs is a bit rich. hence our decision to ridicule you on our forum. I had never before posted on your forum but felt that two can play your silly game. you are three points off the bottom but still find time to attack Arsenals season. its spurs fans and their manager counting the amount of points it will take to avoid the drop. not Arsenal fans

    • Evening Sfer,

      I agree with you, I find that the gooners are a peculiar bunch, that do not welcome criticism of their team or manager lightly.

      There are a very few that display even a modicom of intelligence.

      When I try to post anything remotely connected with football, they go on the defensive and try to turn things round to our current league positions!


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