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    Totts 2nd and 4th!

    Yahoo poll for worst managers ever... totteringham at 2nd and 4th place - well done!

    Tony Adams (Portsmouth)
    30% 3402 votes
    Christian Gross (Tottenham)
    12% 1377 votes
    Chris Hutchings (Bradford/Wigan)
    5% 522 votes
    Sammy Lee (Bolton)
    15% 1696 votes
    Egil Olsen (Wimbledon)
    6% 704 votes
    Alain Perrin (Portsmouth)
    7% 782 votes
    Les Reed (Charlton)
    8% 869 votes
    Jacques Santini (Tottenham)
    18% 2020 votes


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    • Benidorm, I reckon between the pair of you, you & my old man probably own one Rocha's nail clippings (that'll be about 5p's worth of the club) - how does that feel?!

    • Bu99er. You have a point there. I am not sure if it would make me feel better or worse knowing I had shares in the team. I get stressed enough just being a normal punter.

      More like "a gift that keeps on taking" in my case.

    • i got a share it spurs too , one of those box set things with it, but i only got 1p , and yes i do the same chat of i own u. lololol

    • It's the gift that keeps on giving - 4p this year, who knows what next?

      Plus, if my mum ever gets pissy at him watching all that football he can explain he's keeping informed on his investment, she can't argue with that! And he's got a right to complain when one or two of them aren't playing up to standards, he's entitled to shout at the telly "I own you bitch!".

      (it was a couple of years ago too, pre-credit crunch, but he only registered it last year)

    • Heres a more relevant list for you statto!

      Deloitte Football Money League 2009

      1. Real Madrid (Spain) €365.8m (£289.6m)
      2. Manchester United (England) €324.8m (£257.1m)
      3. FC Barcelona (Spain) €308.8m (£244.4m)
      4. Bayern Munich (Germany) €295.3m (£233.8m)
      5. Chelsea (England) €268.9m (£212.9m)
      6. Arsenal (England) €264.4m (£209.3m)
      7. Liverpool (England) €210.9m (£167.0m)
      8. AC Milan (Italy) €209.5m (£165.8m)
      9. AS Roma (Italy) €175.4m (£138.9m)
      10. Internazionale (Italy) €172.9m (£136.9m)
      11. Juventus (Italy) €167.5m (£132.6m)
      12. Olympique Lyonnais (France) €155.7m (£123.3m)
      13. Schalke 04 (Germany) €148.4m (£117.5m)
      14. Tottenham Hotspur (England) €145.0m (£114.8m)
      15. Hamburger SV (Germany) €127.9m (£101.3m)
      16. Olympique de Marseille (France) €126.8m (£100.4m)
      17. Newcastle United (England) €125.6m (£99.4m)
      18. Vfb Stuttgart (Germany) €111.5m (£88.3m)
      19. Fenerbahce (Turkey) €111.3m (£88.1m)
      20. Manchester City (England) €104.0m (£82.3m)

      I believe Wet Spam were down below Doncaster and Walsall but I couldnt see that far.