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  • Did anybody else see that article recently by a very brave distinguished educational expert that said we have not only bred a whole generation of illiterate imbeciles but they have now had children that have left school with even less education? Not very PC and certainly not very New Labour but when you hear from idiots like Totten S you can't but help think he was absolutely right. If I was not the sort of person that would throw them all in a concentration camp then I would only feel pity for them. The World would be a much nicer place with all of them not being in contact with ordinary people that are happy to rub along with each other don't you think!

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    • I am sure glad that Essex is on my side (I hope)!

    • Vicious?...you Essex?....surely not!!

    • Mikes advice is actually the best advice.....choose ignore.
      I personally havent followed that advice because I have a laugh hitting back at the morons.....it amuses me occasionally.
      However if you are a newbie or prone to taking things personally then I would choose the ignore button because the spammers will try any means possible to get under your skin and they like nothing more than opening a wound and then repeatedly picking at it.....I should know I've used that method myself.....it works!
      However I dont spam, I dont stalk other posters on their boards and I've discovered that trying to banter with other clubs on their board usually ends in tears so I stay here 99% of the time and TRY to keep on topic....which is SPURS.

    • I agree EY, Sfer & Jay & anyone else I've forgotten,

      Ever since my earliest days on here since my previous ID as Mike S, I have tried to ignore the idiots and knob-ends and I became frustrated when they would not go away so I decided to mix fire with fire so to speak and have a go back at them.

      There are 140+ other boards on here not to mention the boards from the other sports and I would bet that no other board gets spammed as much as this one.

      The ignore button is on here for the very reason of removing the idiots and knob-ends from here - and the report abuse button for the more serious offenders.

      Rather then losing my patience with the spammers I will be using my ignore button a lot more from now on - I would urge any other decent poster on here to do the same!

    • As stated on another thread its a rite of passage jay...ask any of the regulars...we all did it at first (some of us havent grown out of it...but theres hope for me yet)
      Sadly the likes of totten s (charlie george) will be back.....he's learning too I expect..........my only advice to you is this.....remain on the same ID and stand by what you say........I will argue vicoulsy with anyone but I only 'respect' those that have one ID and one voice whether I agree with them or not.
      Im not the most popular bloke in here but ive been EY from day one take it or leave it....its my view that anyone who uses multiple IDs to cause trouble is a pu$$y.

    • It's all my fault. Don't blame the child....he knows not what he is doing.