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  • Thank you EY. You are a gentleman. You are right, it is probably Charlie George (Jim Davidson) hiding and then spitting his dummy out. I've got him on ignore anyway so no worries there. Hopefully normality will prevail now.....

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    • wow that totten s guy is mental. i havent been on here for a bit and just looked and hes got typing torrets.

      it does make me a bit pissed off cos people like him ruin this board. i like to come here and read peoples views and some times add my own but with idiots like that i stay away.

      please dear lord make totten s fuck off ,

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      • He's gone now...don't worry Benidorm. It was all my fault anyway. I went onto the Arsenal board and after reading a few threads I posted one myself telling them to stop moaning. All I got was abuse. Unable to control my typing hand I entered freely into a world of insults after previously stating that I was above all that. I lost the plot for a couple of days but I am back to normal now. I just want to talk about football now as I feel I have embarrassed myself and been a bit hypocritical.....