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  • Jay Jay Feb 13, 2009 00:08 Flag

    I am a hypocrite.....

    I previously stated that I was above all the idiocy that occurs on forums from time to time and then preceded to go onto the Arsenal board and foolishly enter into what I thought would be a bit of banter only to end up in a world of insults. I unleashed the Totten on everyone and I am truly sorry. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me. I am staying in the warm bosom of the Tottenham forum from now on and hopefully things can return to normal...I will still ridicule the Gooners but from a safe distance so I don't ruin it for everyone else.

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    • Oh you poor foolish Spuds. Jay is in fact Chris the famous kung fu pretender from the Mank United forum. he only came on here to give himself some back up so he could multi post on the Arsenal forum. he has been found out today. and there you were believing he was one of you. poor deluded fools

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      • If Jay is a pretender then so be it. I personally still don't think he is and I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

        One thing is for sure - no matter who I supported there is no way I would have a picture of that mug as my avatar. Ugly, over rated, (all cos of one goal in a memorable game) bad hair and bad teeth. If you want proof - where did he come from and where did he go? Nowhere!

        Bu99er off Charlie.

      • My name is Jamie hence the name Jay (it's what everyone calls me). I have supported Tottenham since I was 6 years old and my Granddad (North London born and bred) took me to WHL. My earliest memory is of a Ricky Villa hatrick against Wolves in 82 (I was 10) It was a game that meant alot to me as my Granddad passed away 2 weeks previously and he made me promise to follow Spurs for the rest of my life. I made my Dad take me (he is a Saints fan so he wasn't happy) to every home game he could afford and to away games at The Dell (He even sat in the away end with me and had to stop himself from cheering when Saints scored) I would never support any other club and I still go to WHL when I can (about half of the home games). I was there when we beat the Scum 5-1 and that has to rank as one of the greatest moments of my life...seriously. So say what you like Charlie George/Totten. I am Jay and I always will be......nuff said!

    • Most of us have been there Jay so don't worry about it. Gooners are very touchy and sensitive. Too long sniffing their own Ar$es believing they are the untouchables is my guess.

    • Ah Jay, that was your rite of passage on these boards - everyone comes on and thinks it's a nice place, then gets annoyed with the losers like that, and then eventually gets a bit burned. It doesn't matter how much warning you get, it happens to the best of us.

      I don't mind an attempt to tone down the worst of them (the serial offenders), but there's really no point with that sort - they pop on, go a bit mental for a few days, then jog off, perhaps coming back once every few weeks or so. Still, we all live & learn!