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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 13, 2009 20:11 Flag

    Different cloud but silver lining...

    ...but would you then rather have a striker that's smooth and silky who scores 10 a season, or a clumsy carthorse that gets 15?...

    Do you remember a couple of seasons back when Drogba (why does that always remind me of Porridge?) mis-hit every goal that he got? Off the shin, off his nose, off his bum - but they all count - and does he look that bad now? OK, yes .......

    Bent will be there. He's getting in the positions - even 'that' header - who was with him? He was by himself - that's where good strikers find themselves...

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    • Fair comment John.
      But I'm afraid I like to see more contribution from a stiker than just a goal tally. 15 might seem good but if that's the only contribution then I'm sorry that's not good enough.
      Keane and Berba both scored 20+ goals and had as many assists. I just can't see Bent having many ticks in the assisting column.
      Strickly my opinion.

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      • That's the good thing about footie - we all have our differing opinions.
        I'm not also saying that I think Bent is great - but I do think that he's adequate at the moment. Obviously I'd rather have Keane/Berba back as a partnership again, but given that's a no-no, then Keane/Defoe will have to be paired with Bent/Pav - and I think Bent/Defoe was what they (back with BMJ) hoped would originally happen naturally - giving two interchangeable partnerships K & B and D & B.

        I think that Bent lacks at holding the ball up - something that Berba is exceptional at. And I haven't seen enough of Pav to tell.

        So, given all that are what pairings would you see occurring - or if Bent goes (and assuming we need 4 strikers to last through a season in all competitions) who do you bring in and pair with who?

        I had expected to see:
        With possibly Keane/Defoe being given a better trial.

        Irrespective of what Bent says, most clubs now have more than just 2 strikers anyway (so someone is always disappointed), so unless 'arry has said that he prefers to keep Campbell rather than Bent, I would have thought Bent would have got a fair crack of the whip over the coming months. I just wonder how 'arry 'll keep both Keane and Defoe happy - as one of them always dipped out in the past.