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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 14, 2009 01:05 Flag

    Different cloud but silver lining...

    I'm not sure Keane would've occurred if Daffy hadn't have got himself quacked at the last minute.

    I'd also go along with you if our midfield were more prolific - ie if we had a Gerrard/Lampard (not that I'm quoting them per se, just the number of goals they get) or even two or three player banging in goals (Jenas always underperformed there for me, as does the Hud - as did Carrick - they are all the sort of player you could see getting a few each season). Maybe Modric/Dos Santos can fill in as well - but if we end up playing all these new purchases, what is the team? Modric out left? Bentley - where? Hud - where does he now fit? Palacios a fixture, leaving 3 slots - Modric one of those - but where? A diamond in midfield with Modric playing behind the strikers and Palacios protecting the back, with Lennon and Bentley playing wide? Who knows...I've given up trying to second guess what these manager types think (I swear they just use the old 'pin, blindfold and a piece of paper' method of team selection).

    So at the moment, I think 'arry sees Keane as what he was before - a top class striker - Daffy the same (although IMHO he's a lazy selfish type of player) - and he's hedging his bets on Pav or Bent coming good (or in bent's case regaining form). That gives him just under 20 games to see how they pan out, before he has to make any 'adjustments' in the summer. But I'd bet now, that you won't see Daffy and Keane going anywhere then...

    As for the future, I would prefer one big 'battering ram' (or at least someone who can hold the ball up) and two clever, faster smaller players as the squad strike force - with the emphasis going forward on getting more goals from midfield.

    I was always disappointed that we didn't snaffle Owen when he came back - as to me he had Tottenham written all over his style of play. But there you go, that never happened either.