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    Different cloud but silver lining...

    Friday the 13th??????? Unlucky?????? Bent says he wants away in the summer if he doesn't get more starts...........

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    • Doesn't sound unlucky to me. If he wants away then let him. He was not worth 16.5M and whilst I do have some time for him I do not think I would be worried if we sold him. In fact it might free up some funds to buy a WCLFM (World Class Left Footed Midfielder).

    • ...why does everyone seem to have a downer on Bent?....

      The man scores. He will get any premier team 15 goals a season. Is that so bad? I know he was 16m - but that was not his choice - he seems to be being villafied by what our management did - and we all know how crap their foresight/management has been.

      I know he's not a Keane or a Berbatov or a Defoe - but he still scores.

      We could have ended up with Bellamy or Heskey - now, then I could understand some of the complaints.....

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      • Morning John, it's not that I have a Downer on him, as you put it, it's just that he never appears to have that quality I expect from a Spurs player.
        Yes although we have a lot of talented players, I know there are plenty of others in the squad that come under that heading, but they don't play up front and their errors aren't so magnified as those of a striker's.
        This position really highlights the player's quality touch and their vision to see what's happening around them.
        I'm afraid IMO Bent has no vision of other player's position and his touch let's him down too often.
        He doesn't seem to notice a player's run past him, into a more dangerous position, crying out for a little through ball into the space. His supposed touch was there for all to see when he cost us 2 vital points, missing that sitter in front of goal a couple of weeks ago.

        On the funnier side, Harry's missus obviously has better ball control, although I don't think they have a lot of kids. Lol Tee Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That was why I didn't understand why 'Arry felt the need for Keane - before that he was obviously planning to make Defoe the star of the team, and he tends to prefer a little & large combination too.

      I don't think you need 4 top-of-their-game strikers: when we got Bent I said I didn't think we needed him because if you have 3 strikers expecting to play in the first team you can keep them all happy and you've got a bit of cover, I think it'd be better (longterm) to have 3 great strikers and an 'understudy' - I expected Pekhart to take that role before Bent came along. It would have been a great opportunity for him to learn from Berb, and the added responsibility for Berb should have calmed his thoughts of being better than the team... in theory.

      I think having 4 'proper' strikers means that 1 will rarely get played (how many starts has Campbell had?), and as it's important for a striker to get a run in the team to get the goals that's no good for them or us, whereas if you've got someone breaking through they'll be happy to take a back seat for a couple of seasons while also being more likely to make an impact when they do play because they need to prove themselves to safeguard their future.

    • I'm not sure Keane would've occurred if Daffy hadn't have got himself quacked at the last minute.

      I'd also go along with you if our midfield were more prolific - ie if we had a Gerrard/Lampard (not that I'm quoting them per se, just the number of goals they get) or even two or three player banging in goals (Jenas always underperformed there for me, as does the Hud - as did Carrick - they are all the sort of player you could see getting a few each season). Maybe Modric/Dos Santos can fill in as well - but if we end up playing all these new purchases, what is the team? Modric out left? Bentley - where? Hud - where does he now fit? Palacios a fixture, leaving 3 slots - Modric one of those - but where? A diamond in midfield with Modric playing behind the strikers and Palacios protecting the back, with Lennon and Bentley playing wide? Who knows...I've given up trying to second guess what these manager types think (I swear they just use the old 'pin, blindfold and a piece of paper' method of team selection).

      So at the moment, I think 'arry sees Keane as what he was before - a top class striker - Daffy the same (although IMHO he's a lazy selfish type of player) - and he's hedging his bets on Pav or Bent coming good (or in bent's case regaining form). That gives him just under 20 games to see how they pan out, before he has to make any 'adjustments' in the summer. But I'd bet now, that you won't see Daffy and Keane going anywhere then...

      As for the future, I would prefer one big 'battering ram' (or at least someone who can hold the ball up) and two clever, faster smaller players as the squad strike force - with the emphasis going forward on getting more goals from midfield.

      I was always disappointed that we didn't snaffle Owen when he came back - as to me he had Tottenham written all over his style of play. But there you go, that never happened either.

    • Glad you find it amusing HH, but while you are selling your best players Spurs have been bringing players into the club and too be perfectly honest are in a better position financially then West Ham will ever be.

      I think once we establish ourselves in the EPL we can concentrate on the UEFA Cup knockout stages and Carling Cup Final - but in order to do this we have to focus on getting goals and the emphasis is getting our strikers to gel to form a perfect striking-partnership to enable us to sty in the EPL!