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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 18, 2009 10:29 Flag

    Quote of the Day.!

    I think we were after another striker anyway, but with Bent in the doghouse and Defoe going down, the focus probably became not that we need another striker, but the type of striker we need. Keane can slot in, in place of Defoe no problem...and he adds other dimensions to the team also (still, I think the captaincy was a bit much). I still think we wold have been better served getting a Heskey or Jones in...Heskey in particular, while far from being a prolific goalscorer, would have provided the support that either Bent or Pavy would have thrived on...not sure who th primary provider is with our currne set of strikers. Pavy probably, though I haen't seen much of it from him to date...definitely isn't Bent for reasons already discussed...so here's a thought why don't our midfield set up our forwards...oh what a mind blowing idea (chuckle).

    Well, it looks like Modric's out for Thursday (another move that let's us fans know that this cup is of low priority, and I guess at this point it should be). That and that three youngsters have been named to the squad (probably on the bench)

    Someone asked about the cup-tied situation...is Pav now free to play or is he still cup tied (same with Corluka), if he is, and I know Keane is...then we have, guess who, to carry out striking duties.

    I wonder who else he won't play?