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  • Just found this on one of the media pages.

    EMPTY ULTIMATUM OF THE DAY: Darren Bent, who has issued Tottenham with a 'play me or lose me' warning: "If nothing is happening for me by the end of the season then I will look to go elsewhere."

    Which is a bit like a cockroach threatening to find a new kitchen sink unless it gets a pipe, slippers and a comfy chair.

    Perhaps someone would like to comment. Is Tottenham still the best pension plan in the league?

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    • Seems that way Tilts!

      If Bent lived up to his £16.5 mil pricetag then I can fully understand his reasons for being miffed at the limited chances, but he has missed some absolutely glorious chances.

      Perhaps, Alex McLeish will need to re-inforce your strikeforce at St.Andrews in the Summer - especially if you gain promotion ( which is definately on the cards ).

    • Rambro

      Defoe by a distance - I would imagine he is feeling a bit betrayed. And I wonder if Harry would have gone for the traitor Keane if Defoe hadn't been injured.

      In the event I don't think Harry had much option, he needed someone.....and quick!!!

      Whether it was a good move long term we will have to wait and see.

      Yes, Bent is fast once he gets going, but often it's the first yard or two that matters, Defoe, Keane and possibly even Pav are quicker in that respect. Well maybe Pav isn't quicker but he is much better at wrong footing the defender to gain a bit of space.

    • I think we were after another striker anyway, but with Bent in the doghouse and Defoe going down, the focus probably became not that we need another striker, but the type of striker we need. Keane can slot in, in place of Defoe no problem...and he adds other dimensions to the team also (still, I think the captaincy was a bit much). I still think we wold have been better served getting a Heskey or Jones in...Heskey in particular, while far from being a prolific goalscorer, would have provided the support that either Bent or Pavy would have thrived on...not sure who th primary provider is with our currne set of strikers. Pavy probably, though I haen't seen much of it from him to date...definitely isn't Bent for reasons already discussed...so here's a thought why don't our midfield set up our forwards...oh what a mind blowing idea (chuckle).

      Well, it looks like Modric's out for Thursday (another move that let's us fans know that this cup is of low priority, and I guess at this point it should be). That and that three youngsters have been named to the squad (probably on the bench)

      Someone asked about the cup-tied situation...is Pav now free to play or is he still cup tied (same with Corluka), if he is, and I know Keane is...then we have, guess who, to carry out striking duties.

      I wonder who else he won't play?

    • Hi Rambro.

      I agree with most of what you say, especially about Lee(just), Malbranque and Ghaly.

      But as for Bent, yes he has bundled the ball into the net more than anyone else. But there is not much else to his game. He doesn't win headers coming out of defence to lay them off. He can't hold the ball to allow others to join the attack. His creativity is virtually non-existent and he is not particularly fast either. And his first touch is usually too clumsy for a class striker. So many attacks break down because of all this.

      I'm not particularly a Heskey fan, but he is streets ahead of Darren.

      Bent is just not in the Spurs mould as far as I'm concerned.

      I also wanted to play for Spurs since I was 10, but I wasn't good enough either. Sorry, but to want to be here is not enough.

    • I agree Keane should be good for scoring and making goals, and his work rate has always been an example to the team.

      Making him Captain though straight away tells Defoe where he is in the pecking order. He must be thinking "here we go again" and I don't blame him.

      He came back to the Lane because he loves the club (and 'arry) and no doubt thought with Berba & Keane gone he would play every week.......Whoops.

      I wonder if 'arry will play all three with Keane left midfield and see how it goes, though it may not be a good time for experimenting with time running out in the league.

    • Morning all..
      I remember someone posting on here that it's more than possible Defoe's injury wasn't on the training ground. It was surmised he might have kicked a wall when he heard Keane was returning.
      Not beyond believe for me!!!

    • B2S - point well taken, and you're right, just to want to be here isn't enough, but the comparison I make is those that fall into that category and those, like our boy Robbie who, sorry, if I offend, don't.

      Yes bent was forced onto us by that twat Comoli...but knowing all the things we know about his game (you and I both seem to know...so you can't tell me the experts at the club didn't know) why wasn't he put into a situation that suited his game, or just straight up admit a mistake was made and move him on. What's the definition of of insanity - trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Of course Bent's not a hold the ball back to the defense forward...never has been.

      I'll disagree with you about his speed, when he's gotten the few through balls he likes he's beaten the pants off of most defenders...but what do we do...lob the effin' ball in the air to him where, aagreed, he doesn't win balls (never did, even when he was England's top English striker...not with us of course, and if Defoe was getting more than a game or two at that time he (Bent) probably wouldn't have held that title).

      The Heskey thing - you probably would've seent the best of Darren Bent if we had gotten Emile Heskey in as he (and Defoe...and Keane) would thrive off of a big ball holding centre forward. Of course even in that scenario any of the others would be expendable.

      Bundling the ball in hacking it in of your shin, spiking your shot into the ground and it bounces over the keep and goes in...who really gives a flying monkeys...so long as it goes in!

      Anyway, all this discussion is probably moot, as I think he's gone in the summer (Harry's made his mind up...be funny if he's the hero of the Carling Cup Final wouldn't it?).

      Last question...who do you think was more pissed off that Keane came back...Bent or Defoe? (my answer...Defoe!)