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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 16, 2009 21:25 Flag

    All Spurs fans should read this

    I think you'll find we had that one back in October... but then it's normal for gooners to be a little bit slow.

    I wouldn't mind these spam posts if 1) they were funny or 2) they were factually (or near enough) correct. For example, 15th is nowhere near 'holding up the league' - much the same as 5th is miles away from 1st.

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    • Its well known that Ian Robert H (AKA slayer, charlie george and umpteen other IDs) is in fact the biggest joke on the Yahoo message boards. Ridiculed and hounded from his own teams forum he kerb crawls his way around the other clubs looking to 'hit on' the unsuspecting posters who actually believe this place is about discussing football!
      Like most loners he is both pathetic and needy not to mention ever so slightly unstable. I expect he collects nazi memorabilia, spanking magazines and box sets of Star Trek deep space 9.......but its just a theory!!