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    Will someone please explain this European cup-tied business for me?

    "Robbie Keane, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Vedran Corluka are cup-tied, with Jermain Defoe ineligible and sidelined, while Ledley King and Jamie O'Hara are returning from injury and will not travel"

    As I understood it, you play in a tournament and you're cup-tied for that tournament and that tournament only, with the expection of Europe, where if you play in any club comp you're tied for all because it's the same governing body. This I'm fine with, but what's the deal with players' ties being lifted after January?

    Again, as I understood it, you could lift the tie for up to 2 players (I think that's the number) who signed for you in the summer but were already tied. Then I read something about lifting the tie for any 2 players who have signed for you, then I read all players signed in summer have the ties lifted after Jan, then that it's like other comps & when you're tied you're tied and ... what's the right rule?!?!?

    This is confusing me a smidge, I don't know if it shows.

    Also, why does it say that Keane etc are tied, but Defoe's "ineligible" - that implies he's serving a suspension or something, but I'm sure he's just tied too.

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    • Sitting where Spurs are now the UEFA straight on the back burner. Go for the Carling, a one game go at them and I've a strange feeling it could be on for you.
      Then back to the main business, the only fear for me is all this chopping and changing at this stage in the season.

    • let me explain.i think with our strongest 11 we wud beat them. but i already said he wud put out an even weaker team for the 2nd leg now that we are 2-0 down. low and behold, arry says he will put out an even weaker team and says he may have 4 under 18s playing.

    • There's no need for that - as last night should show you, it's not over til it's over. We still don't know who will be playing next week, both as in the actual team and which mentality of team will be out. There's not much fanatical about assuming we're dead and buried at half time.

    • at least now we are out we dont have to worry about whos cup tied and y

    • Ah!


      So it's Cudicini, Chimbonda and Palacios who've been registered, and I think/hope Bent was being punished for his recent comments (apparently he's said it twice at two separate events); if he can't get a start over Gio & Campbell there's a problem.

    • You're last comment is too true...I'm almost prepared to just ignore the UEFA as it seems Harry is (of course I won't...I can't...and I'll be upset if we go crashing out)

    • It's all very complicated isn't it, I'm sure it wasn't this confusing last year.

      Perhaps he's registered 3 other people, who were the other players Redknapp gave squad numbers to when he arrived? The 2 of them, Ghaly, & 2 others. I think Dervite was one, but he's off somewhere on loan... we already had a fair number of youngsters registered, so I can't imagine he'd have brought any more to the plate. Perhaps he's not registered anyone, but them seems foolish at best.

      It's sad reflection on the competition when you're using European competition to blood your young... quite right to do so with the way things stand at the moment, but it's sad nonetheless.

    • Interesting this Not_Blonde. Checked out the UEFA Cup rules for 2008/9 and came up with this:

      17.17 For all matches from the start of the round of 32, a club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the remaining matches in the current competition. Such registration must be completed by 1 February 2009 at the latest. This deadline cannot be extended.
      17.18 One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club competition matches for another competing club in the current season may exceptionally be registered provided that the player has not been fielded:
      − in the same competition for another club,
      − for another club that is currently in the same competition.
      Furthermore, if the player’s new club is playing in the UEFA Cup, his former club must not have played in the UEFA Cup at any point in the current season

      So, as I read it I reckon we could field Keane as the Scousers are in the Champions League and haven't dropped down to the UEFA Cup. That explains why Defoe and Corluka can't play because Pompey and Citeh were both in the UEFA Cup.

      Not sure if that clarifies anything though :-(

    • in other words dodgy Harry the Spiv has got tied up in some eastern european betting scam. so dont expect the Spuds to win

    • ER BLOND!! Get the tea on