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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 18, 2009 23:05 Flag

    The Ramos Conspiracy?

    I quite enjoyed the Ramos conspiracy game, I'm sure we came up with a few good'uns before... there were definitely a few threads about it when he got the job.

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    • I remember when Ramos got the job most supporters (apart from the Jol diehards) were all in favour of him coming. It was only when he cocked up that the theories started and some of them were amusing for a while but its a bit old news now and anyway, as I said above, this particular one was either a pretty useless joke or a very sad thought in someones lonely brain. Ar$e approach on eof the most successful (up until then) coaches in the World and suggest he take a big bung to lose all of his matches and get Spurs relegated!!!! Oh come on please.....