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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Feb 20, 2009 05:54 Flag

    What does Redknapp think his doing!

    I know it's frustrating but simple really, the next three games will probably decide our fate in EPL.

    Harry wants his best players fit for the battle. Fcuk the cups this year.....I don't want to be watching championship footie next year, and neither to you.

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    • B2S,

      I also think we need to win in the EPL.. but any wins regardless of them being UEFA cup games, Carling Cup games breed confidence in the players and give us supporters some hope that this season would not be just another mediocre one to forget!

      Even if we were to win our next 3 games, we may survive but with HR's negative tactics we will just find ourselves becoming just another Bolton, Blackburn or Middlesbrough - not good enough to go down, but not good enough to challange for any of the games honours!

      I feel we have been out in the cold for far too long now - even the Hammers will have a better chance of euro qualification then we have..my good these are bleak times indeed!

    • C'mon lads - chin up - things aren't that bad are they?