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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 20, 2009 16:52 Flag

    What does Redknapp think his doing!

    Supporting RAMBRO, I strongly believe Harry's tactic is disillusionary.
    I mean, why should a top class manager make so much noise about how the EPL is the priority, and how a weakened team will play the UEFA to save some legs for the Hull match.

    This is not inspiring to the players.
    How can a player walk into the field for a crucial match, but yet at the back of his mind knows he only needs do his bit - afterall the boss says it's not that bad if we lose.

    On hearing this sort of news, the opposition will come out firing (as they did last night) and within minutes will confirm this guys truly are here for the taking!

    Harry also did same in our FA tie with ManC.

    Surely, and despite any short comings on your side, a top class manager should be a ble to strike fear into both his players and the opposing team, through various concivable methods - including "exagerated" interviews about your team's capability.

    That's the difference between Sir Alex and Mr. Harry!